Graduate Student Council (GSC)


The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the official representative body of all graduate students (Full-time/ Part-time) at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering



The Graduate Student Council acts as the official graduate student governing body of the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, whose purpose is to foster NYU and SoE community, provide an open forum for all of its constituents, and promote leadership.



Please click here to read the Graduate Student Council’s Constitution and Bylaws



Executive Officers:

President, Siddarth Matani

Siddarth (Sid) is a grad student pursuing his masters in Management of Technology.He is an avid sports fan and was a professional cricketer back in his high school days. He enjoys meeting new people and exchanging ideas. He is passionate about working for Student Governments and his tenure as President would be his fifth year as a Student Council member. With some new ideas and enthusiasm he is ready to make this year great for the student body at NYU SOE.

Vice President, Gaytri Mehra

Gayatri Mehra has completed her Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Management of Technology from the School of Engineering. She has always been an essential part of various clubs in her under graduation studies. From being Team lead for various events to being a volunteer herself. She continued her passion here at NYU by taking part in various Hackathons and NYU- 4th Annual Entrepreneurship Festival. She is passionate about various genres of music and loves writing poems. Academically, she is focusing in the data analytics field. As, being elected the Vice President for the Graduate Student Council, she will give her full hard work and dedication to make the life of graduate students better and worth remembering of while at school. Also, she will try to articulate various innovative ideas and strategies to take the council to another level.​

Secretary, Yash P. Chhajed

Myself Yash Chhajed, a master's student majoring in Computer Engineering. I received my Bachelor's in Electronics and Telecommunications from India in 2014. I am currently serving as an Instructor, teaching students the program of Science of Smart Cities (SoSC) for NYU K-12 STEM in collaboration with Department of Education,New York and Microsoft. Besides, I am an avid enthusiast photographer and carry strong analytical and communication skills and believe that teamwork is the key to success. Getting selected to represent the Graduate Students at NYU School of Engineering by holding the position of Secretary for Graduate Students Council for 2015-2016 is an unique honor and a rewarding opportunity. I am excited to work and will be more than happy to help the students have a memorable and pleasing experience at the school. 

Treasurer, Jae Woo Lee

Jae Woo Lee is pursuing his Master’s degree in Financial Risk Engineering after completing B.A. from college of Arts and Science at NYU. He joint majored in Economics Theory and Mathematics, along with Computer Science minor. Actively involved with student activities as a Finance Club president, he is also a winner of 2015 Calisthenics Competition at NYU, and was an essential member of John Ericsson Middle School’s SeaPerch team, leading them to New York City regional victory. He is very excited to be a part of Graduate Student Council as a treasurer, and hopes to serve GSC toward attaining its goals. Currently he is working at Blueprint Health, a startup accelerator program in SoHo.

Senator, Jaswinder Pal Singh

Myself Jaswinder Pal Singh, pursuing Master in Management of Technology. I’m elected as a Senator of Graduate Student Council for the year 2015-16. Being a Senator of the GSC, I would address all the issues at NYU Senate which are being raised by Graduate student body of NYU SOE. In my tenure, I would make sure more cultural and social events takes place at NYU SOE in collaboration with all other NYU Schools so that students here can meet and interact with students from different community, country and race. I love travelling more than anything else, and exploring New York City is one of my addictions lately. Working for the welfare of others is something which makes me feel happy and satisfied, and that’s what I intend to achieve by being a part of Graduate Student Council.

Alternate Senator, Abhinav Jana

With 2 years of industry experience, Abhinav holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing his Masters in Management of Technology from NYU with a GPA of 3.85/4.00.  He is the President of Design Tinkering Club. Design Tinkering was successful to become the first ever NYU chapter for Design for America with efforts of his team and him. Recently, he was awarded the Distinguished Engagement Leaders Award for his performance as the president of the club.  He actively volunteered for various events within NYU. He also co-founded a start-up named NYUSafety along with 5 others which is currently in development stage. At present he is working as a summer research intern at an Executive management consulting Search firm. Being elected as the alternate senator for the student council he is determined to make the graduate students experience a worth and do his best to make the student council a big success.

Marketing Commissioners:

Hiteshi Acharya

I have always been a thinker, lost in my vague, vivid and creative thoughts. I have a penchant for art. I put my abstract ideas onto a canvas with a certain edginess and firmness. I believe art is not just talent, it is who we are. Art is personality. Art is in being and becoming, which is facilitated by the people we meet. They contribute to the experiences which help to unravel the mystery of life. They help us to mould new ideals and set new standards. They teach us to never be satisfied with what we already know. My motive as a member of GSC 2015-2016  is to be a part of someone's experience in a way that would facilitate their life in NYU and vice versa. I am looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends and acquiring tons of pleasant memories to cherish through out my life. True to my words, I dedicate to what I seek to accomplish.

Karan Thakker

I am Karan Thakkar, a graduate student majoring in Management of Technology. I am serving as the Marketing Commissioner in the Student Council this year. Calm, serene and composed by nature, I like to keep teams and situations grounded. This position gets me excited every time I think about the ways in which we can reach out to the student community as Graduate Student Council. As a part of the council, I will make sure that this year is full of fun-filled activities that involves students from all parts of the university and bring them on a common platform. I am hopeful that discussions, outings, events and many such fun activities we have planned will help us achieve our goal. This position also gives me a chance to use my skills and learn new ones, something that the council strives to do for all the students. I am an avid reader who reads pretty much everything that comes his way. Also, I am a huge fan of Coldplay and FC Barcelona which makes music and soccer an integral part of me. I love swimming and tennis. Technology always attracts me and I often find myself learning new things happening in the tech world.

Kratika Krasliwal

My name is Kratika Kasliwal and I hold the noble position of Marketing Commissioner for the Graduate Student Council. The council is accountable for serving best to the graduate student's needs. I believe the responsibilities of a Marketing Commissioner is very essential in the whole making of the Student Council. It is the job of the marketing commissioner to take the GSC to a whole new level while promoting all the events and activities put in by the organising committee in general. I hereby plan on taking the GSC to new heights not only amongst the graduate students of NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering but also to various other schools of NYU. I have started my job along with other marketing committioners by practising digital marketing and making the GSC more active online, since its a huge platform. I am also excited to be a part if GSC 2015/16 as it is an overall different experience to be a part of this big an organisation. I will play my part really well amd be able to contribute a lot to this council. Looking forward to the work this session.

Organizing Commissioners:

Pirthmey Randhawa

Being a son of an army officer, I have grown up in a house where manners means everything. I have been taught to help others to the best of my abilities. I have been part of a student council ever since 6th grade all the way to my undergrad and know I am really grateful to have as been a given a chance to finish my education on the same level. I am very excited to work with my colleagues as there is much to learn from all of them. Apart from the hard outer shell, I am an extremely friendly person. Although that may not seem the case in the first glance. I love sports and other physical activities. All in all, I am looking forward to working with all my colleagues in the GSC and hoping we could really make a difference. 

Xin Zhao

My name is Xin Zhao. I'm an international student from China. I started my MSM program from Spring 2015. I really enjoyed my first semester at SoE. It's a diverse community here and everyone is very nice. I joined GSC because I want to get more involved in this friendly community. Also, I want to engage more Chinese students in extracurricular activities happening at school everyday. I want to make GSC a bridge not only between the school and the students, but also between student communities.

Shriti Pandey

I am never embarrassed to ask what I want and at the same time appreciates what’s good around me and learn and improve from the bad in my life. I see complaining and whining as a symbol of passivity and refusal to improve life.
When I am not working or studying, you can always find me with a book in a corner of a room. I love listening to Beatles and trance. The best part of the day for me is to interact with new people and exchange views about different cultures. My motto in life is that each person has what he/she strives for and deserves, nothing more and nothing less! My motive to be part of GSC 2015-2016 is to encourage, motivate and work hard in making NYU the best experience for the current and incoming new students.


  • All the members of the Graduate Student Body shall get to vote and elect the Executive Officers of the GSC, with the exception of the Alternate Senator who is appointed.
  • Elections for the Executive Officers shall be held during the Spring semester and newly elected officers shall take office beginning the succeeding Fall semester.
  • The Executive Officers shall appoint the members of each committee of the GSC. Applications for the committees will be solicited at the end of the Spring semester for the next academic year.

For more information on elections, amendments, meeting etc. please refer to the Graduate Student Council’s Constitution.


Volunteering for the Graduate Student Council is a great way of becoming an active member of the community, where you can work with your peers to build community at the School of Engineering. It provides you a platform where you can voice your opinions and act on changes you want to see.


If you’re interested in being a volunteer with the Graduate Student Council please fill out our Volunteer Application .


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