Spiritual Life at the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering supports the NYU Center for Spiritual Life, advocating a multifaith initiative to enhance students’ educational experience by fostering a community of scholars who support religious expression, leadership, integrity, mutual respect and open dialogue. For for information about the spiritual programs and initiatives offered within the NYU community, please visit http://www.nyu.edu/life/student-life/diversity-at-nyu/spiritual-life.html.

The School of Engineering Chaplains’ Circle was developed to represent the spiritual and cultural organizations on campus and further support the NYU Center for Spiritual Life. This partnership across the School of Engineering Campus Ministries include the following spiritual leaders: Rabbi Simcha Weinstein, Masoud Latif, Father Felipe, and Reverend Peter Trautmann. As a collective they seek to promote:

  • Spiritual wholeness
  • Respect within and beyond one’s faith community
  • Engagement with religious diversity
  • Critical Dialogue around spirituality and the intersections of identity
  • Community service
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Personal responsibility and value development

The Chaplains’ Circle launched their first program within this new multifaith initiative by kicking of World Water Week 2012, inspired by Faiths for Safe Water Organization, with a presentation by guest Chaplain Reverend Nicholas Richards of Abyssinian Church in Harlem. Rev. Richards is the President of The Abyssinian Fund, a NGO dedicated to reducing poverty in Ethiopia. One of his major projects in this role involves getting clean water to towns in Ethiopia. Over 60 students attended this talk, including student representatives from the Jewish Student Union, the Muslim Students Association, the Cardinal Newman Club and the Navigators in addition to student organizations such as Engineers Without Borders and the New York Water Environment Association.

For additional resources and support, students may also reach out for spiritual and pastoral counseling to the following chaplains:

Father Felipe Rufes

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein