The School of Engineering's Division of Student Affairs advocates a holistic approach to education that goes beyond classroom learning. The several offices within the Division of Student Affairs strive to enhance your opportunities as a student to participate fully in the University experience. We encourage, support, and provide guidance for students’ extracurricular activities while providing the best resources for a seamless collegiate experience.

Our hope is to provide you with substantive information related to everything that deals with being a student at the School of Engineering - from joining a club to learning about how to edit your resume. As you progress in your academic career with us we look forward to giving you opportunities to learn outside the classroom, get involved, build community, and feel connected to resources available to you.

By providing you with the necessary information, services, programs and involvement opportunities our hope is that all the School of Engineering students will be able to facilitate responsible life choices and assist in the promotion of awareness and inclusion of the many communities we serve. Each of the departments listed on this page has a specific mission, but one common goal: to provide opportunities for involvement, education, outreach, and support. Click on any of the many areas of student life we have to offer!