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Last week marked the official beginning of #SUMMEROFSTEM. Nearly 300 students and 50 educators arrived at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, participating in over half a dozen programs committed providing opportunities to middle school and high school students to gain intensive and hands on experience in science, technology, engineering and math. Beginning today, students will also be venturing to labs across NYU, conducting research alongside faculty members and graduate students. 

This year, we’re proud to announce 59% of our applicant pool were girls whereas the other 41% were boys. The high school program ARISE boasts the highest girl demographic among all our programs behind CS4CS, formerly known as GenCy, our all girls’ program. This summer, instructors, Leah Aranowsky and Brendan Matz lead the effort for ARISE before they head into participating NYU faculty labs, including the Soil Mechanics, Center for Music and Audio Research, Composite Materials and Mechanics, Mechatronics, Applied Dynamics and Optimization, Dynamical Systems, Biomolecular Engineering, Bio-Interfacial Engineering and Diagnostics, Developmental Genomics, Systems and Proteomics and Molecular Anthropology Labs.



Returning this year as well, CrEST, Creativity in Engineering, Science and Technology, targets middle school students plan to introduce concepts ranging from wireless cars to vibrating bugs, circuits, and introduction to wireless internet.


This summer also marks the launch of ieSoSC, an offshoot of SoSC, Science of Smart Cities. Students who have previously participated in the SoSC, Science of Smart Cities are given the opportunity to return and continue the practice of building sustainable urban infrastructure through the lens of innovation and entrepreneurship. 



Finally, in addition to our student programs, educators committed to implementing concepts and topics in STEM are welcomed on campus this summer. NYU Tandon’s Professor Vikram Kapila continues to lead the direction of RET, DRK12 as well as iTEST which was designed and developed to allow educators and students to grapple with themes in science and technology in a collaborative environment with their students from their respective schools.


Follow us for a #SUMMEROFSTEM and special thanks to our supporters– The National Science Foundation, Siegel Family Foundation, The Sloan Foundation, BHS/STEAM Center Schools, National Grid, ConEdison Northrop Grumman, Pinkerton Foundation, DTCC and ExpandED Options.


Watch these videos from our live broadcast featuring middle school motion makers. They show their short films and describe their experience with their one-week Motion Lab intensive at NYU-Poly, in partnership with The students worked in groups and designed and created stop motion animation short films with 3D printed props. Combining arts and technology with creative imagination brings the students’ scenes and settings to life.


botcamp6As an artist, maker, and educator, Lizabeth Arum develops project-based curricula that foster innovation and creativity.  Liz teaches middle and high school students basic computer skills, programming, and physical computing at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn,  Her work at the MakerBot Foundation continues her previous role with MakerBot Industries, where she spent two years facilitating teacher networks and helping educators harness the potential of 3D technologies. 

MakerBot Industries and NYU-Poly have partnered on several initiatives, and this summer’s BotCamp on campus is the first partnership between NYU-Poly and the MakerBot Foundation. Continue reading


DSC_8149-1Priyam Nidhi is a rising sophomore in the Computer Science Department at NYU-Poly. She’s an instructor in the K12 STEM Lab/BotCamp program, a partnership program with



My passion to share my love for science has brought me to the K12 STEM Lab. Being responsible for the problem-solving, circuits and coding aspects of the lab, I like working in a team where we help a rising generation of STEM students. Continue reading