Back to Malaysia: Bitara STEM

L to R: Ben Esner, Director of the Center for K12 STEM Education, Akshay Fadnis, MS Candidate in Computer Engineering, Eduardo Suescun, PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering, Dominick Dennisur, BS Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Arnab Paul, MS Candidate in Electrical Engineering

The Center’s global partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences’ K12 education outreach program and the National University of Malaysia (UKM) continues this month with the Center’s second trip to Kuala Lumpur from February 13 – March 1. The goal for this trip is to adapt the Science of Smart Cities curriculum’s urban infrastructure, transportation, and wireless communications units for Malaysian high school students. In Malaysia, this adapted program is known as the Science of Smart Communities or Bitara STEM and this trip follows-up on the Center’s first trip last September.

Development of the three units for this trip began back in November. The Center’s team collaborated on designing lesson plans, workshops, and activities for the different units. Akshay lead transportation, Eduardo lead urban infrastructure and Arnab lead wireless communications. NYU School of Engineering faculty Professor Vikram Kapila from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Professor Magued Iskander from the Department of Civil Engineering contributed to the development of the units and mentor these students in their research on campus.

The Center’s team will train UKM graduate students in education and STEM disciplines along with faculty in the curriculum, hands-on STEM teaching techniques and associated pedagogy skills through a range of participatory and team-based activities. For example, Akshay’s unit on transportation will feature a lesson on automated cars using ultrasonic and light sensors that allow for collision-free travel. Arnab’s wireless communications unit will involve creating and testing a mock network using IR sensors. Ben describes, “These hands-on activities demonstrate principles of urban engineering and design, electrical and mechanical engineering, and computer and environmental science.”

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