Exploring Interactive Devices

DSC_8149-1Priyam Nidhi is a rising sophomore in the Computer Science Department at NYU-Poly. She’s an instructor in the K12 STEM Lab/BotCamp program, a partnership program with Makerbot.org.



My passion to share my love for science has brought me to the K12 STEM Lab. Being responsible for the problem-solving, circuits and coding aspects of the lab, I like working in a team where we help a rising generation of STEM students.

Bot1Nurturing the innate curiosity for science in high school students, the first week of K12 STEM Lab/BotCamp presented students with many exciting and innovative tasks. Encouraged to experiment and innovate on their designs, students have produced sensor circuits, light theremins, keyboard instruments and several other improvisations using Arduino controlled circuits.  Critical thinking, reverse engineering and team work have been the core foundations of the lab, which has focused on designing real-world models, coding them and innovations in the devices to increase their appeal in the marketplace.

DSC_8015-1The infectious fever of 3D printing has become accessible for our students, who starting this week will gain hands-on experience through the lab. The many opportunities to experiment with circuits, breadboards, sensors and 3D printers in this lab enable students to bolster individual achievement. The commitment to science and its application will help expand exploration and scientific inquiry. Here’s to shaping the next generation of STEM professionals.


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