Traffic Engineering: An Idea

Today in class we had a lecture on traffic engineering. During our activity we brainstormed ideas for traffic engineering in a smart city. One of my ideas was W.T.T.I. (Wireless Telecommunication Transportation Infrastructure.) In simple terms all devices of traffic infrastructure will have a built in microchip, upon construction. Therefore, transportation infrastructure can interact in a way to make local travel in a more safe and efficient manner. For example; on a two way street, the first side is congested, (with a light flashed red),and the other side of the street has no cars coming. The side of the street with no cars coming has the lights flashed “green.” The “intelligent” street lights will pick up on the fact there are no cars coming, (and none to come anytime soon.) It will send a message to the red light where the L.O.S (Level of Service) is terrible. That light, recognizing the problem at end, will turn green expediting local travel, and letting people get from point A to point B in the safest way possible making many people satisfied and happy. This idea can revolutionize our urban infrastructure making local travel in New York City a whole lot better.

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