The New York Transit Musuem

Hey,Hey,Hey Essi here, and Wednesday we went to the The New York Transit Museum to see the old train cars. We learned the history of trains up to now. it was really cool because we got to see train cars used in the old days and how they got around. The Grand Central Terminal was celebrating its 100 anniversary. Can you believe that it was around for 4 generations!!  Cornelius Vanderbilt was the one who built Grand Central. He built it because of electricty. He was a poor little fellow and turned out to be a success. That is why if you go to the Grand Central Station you will see a lot of acorns and leafs because he said a acorn grows into a graet success like himself! The difference between the train cars now and the ones in the old days is the ones now are more advanced than the ones in the past. We also played a really cool game and we had too figure out out what pools up Putidlof meant and it meant Fold it up. It was a really cool trip!!

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