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Renewable Energy

Today in Science of Smart Cities, we learned about power generation. First we had a brief discussion of nonrenewable and renewable energies. Then we learned about the various sources of energy (hyrdo-electric, solar, nuclear, etc.). Then, we talked about the location of the power plants. After that we learned how nuclear, solar, and wind energies function properly. After that we had a huge assignment; to create a hydro-electric generator. My group contained Hafsah, David, and Erlyn. The three parts were wrap coil around the 8 holes in one part. Then, glue 7 magnets into 7 holes. Finally, glue pieces to a cylinder-like object to create a turbine. We are presenting tomorrow!


Power Generation

Today we learned about different ways power plants create electricity. Also, how Wind or Water turns a mill which gives power to magnets and makes them spin which makes a Turbine spin which sends electricity to a place which distributes the electricity to different places. To add on, today we also did an activity where we built a HYDROELECTRIC model of a real HYDROELECTRIC POWER GENERATOR. We also learned that New York and other states use the NIAGARA FALLS as a HYDROELECTRIC power source.