Smart Transportation Systems and Smart Highways

Today, I learned about Smart transportation systems like by reducing the use of gases such as methane and CO2. I learned mass transit is more effective than personalized vehicles because they allow large numbers of people to travel long distances using the least amount of fuel possible. I also learned about new innovative ways scientists are trying to improve  public transportation through the SMT rail and Straddling bus. The SMT rail involves a single rail with a car attached. when payment is given the car arrives at the stop/location you wish to be at then lets you off. Similarly, the Straddling bus, is a double layer bus that allows cars to pass through underneath to reduce congestion caused by large vehicles. I also learned about Smart Highways and Cars. I learned that by making cars aerodynamic,convenient, safer, and with higher fuel economy, cars become more efficient. Towards the end of the day, i found out that depending on the material used as pavement, either cement or asphalt, can change the durability and smoothness of the road. While cement is more durable, asphalt is smoother and in the long run, more expensive.

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