Carbon Cycle, City Food and Resources and Local, Whole and Organic Foods

I learned about the Carbon Cycle, the process in which carbon is exchanged throughout the earth. Carbon cycles through the Biosphere, Pedosphere, Geosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere through respiration emissions, photosynthesis, and ocean uptake. Photoplankton absorbs carbon and transfers it through the sea’s ecosystem. I also learned about the difference between Local, Whole, and Organic foods. Local food is food made in the neighborhood. Whole food is food shipped from outside the state or country. Organic food is food without preservatives and pesticides. Finally, I learned about City food and resources, essentially, the things required or needed to create a functionally operating city. Markets, government , and reactions to disasters are important parts of a city as one provides food, leadership and ways to deal with problems we cannot control.

David; Group B

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