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Satellites and the Way They Orbit

Today we learned about space and wireless communications. We learned about satellites and the way they orbit. We spent a lot of time discussing Newton’s laws. We also discussed ellipses and the patterns planets make when they orbit. Towards the end of the day, we finished all of our major buildings. The nuclear plant I was working on finally got finished and it looks great.

Cycles and Water Filtration

Today in Smart Cities, we learned about Earth’s natural cycles and Water Filtration. Some cycles we learned about were the rock cycle, the water cycle, and the carbon cycle. Each individual cycle is important to engineers for planning, designing, and building a city. Some facts about water are that 780 million people around the Earth don’t have access to fresh water, 3.4 million people a year die from water-related diseases, there are 366 Quintilian gallons of water on Earth, and a burger takes 2,700 gallons of water to produce. Also, the average American flush uses more gallons of water than people in third-world countries use per person. We then did an experiment with pH after discussing what it was. In the end, we filtered water with dirt in it to make it cleaner. Our water was barely cleaned, while some groups had theirs looking almost like water.