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Satellites and Space Stations

Today we learned about satellites and how they are made to go around a specific orbit. Also, about the names of each orbit. We also learned about the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION. It takes the space station about 90 minutes to just go around the EARTH once.  That way it’s able to outrun the EARTH and stay in orbit.  We also kept building with the LEGOs. Today i helped build the NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS, it wasn’t easy building it but after some work we came up with some good ideas and finally finished it. It still needs some final adjustments, but those will be made next time we work on the city.

Power Generation

Today we learned about different ways power plants create electricity. Also, how Wind or Water turns a mill which gives power to magnets and makes them spin which makes a Turbine spin which sends electricity to a place which distributes the electricity to different places. To add on, today we also did an activity where we built a HYDROELECTRIC model of a real HYDROELECTRIC POWER GENERATOR. We also learned that New York and other states use the NIAGARA FALLS as a HYDROELECTRIC power source.