About the Center

NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s Center for K12 STEM Education designs and delivers high-quality and innovative teaching and learning programs for students and educators in STEM disciplines. NYU School of Engineering has a long history of engaging K-12 students in hands-on learning through an approach to learning that stresses the importance of putting theory into practice, using real-world connections and cutting-edge technology.

The Center connects the advanced, interdisciplinary work of the School of Engineering’s faculty and students in applied STEM disciplines and research to classrooms and informal learning environments. Our in-depth and hands-on learning opportunities for K-12 students and their teachers let them discover what is truly exciting about STEM education: how to transform the world by understanding how it works.

The Center’s mission is to provide access to and opportunities in high quality K-12 STEM Education. In support of this mission, the School of Engineering’s work reflects a commitment to:

  1. Strengthen academic preparation for K-12 students towards advanced STEM studies, higher education and careers through innovative, hands-on programs;
  2. Help students and teachers develop STEM-based and related skills, as well as an understanding of how these skills relate to and are strengthened by “real-world” applications;
  3. Share the expertise of our faculty and students and their exciting, interdisciplinary research and applied work in STEM; and,
  4. Contribute substantively to the national movement to improve K-12 STEM education.

Our objective: that K-12 students and teachers discover the excitement of STEM education through our programs and that anyone is able to transform the world by understanding how it works.

Questions? Email us at k12.stem@nyu.edu