2015 Inno/Vention Schedule

Stage 1: SparkStart

Sparkstart Kickoff/TeamHunt                                                                              
Date: 02/02
Purpose: Official TeamHunt and kickoof, pitch ideas and skills, formulating a team and taking the first steps. Also learn more about what Inno/Vention is and what the competiton will entail.

Businesss Model Canvas
Date: 02/11
Purpos: Business Model Canvas, customer Validation andlearn methods to validate your ideas. You will also gain insight into Intellectual property due diligence, what to thikn about when identifying patentability. 

Entrepreneur 101
Date: 02/17
Purpose: Hear from experienced entrepreneurs about their methods of success
and what to avoid to prevent failure. 

Power Pitch                                                                                                          
Date: 02/24                                                                                                   
Purpose: Pitch idea, Validation of concept, basic idea of prototype, Plan for next 8 weeks. Choose 10 teams, 2 groups of 5, that will are accepted into the ProtoTest stage, award prizes

i2e Mixer
Date: 02/27
Purpose: Students network with entrepreneurs, faculty, and alumni (speed date for mentors), opportunity for elevator pitches of their idea, get feedback from participants

STAGE 2: ProtoTest

ProtoTest Info Session
Date: 03/02
Purpose: Stating details and guidelines for the second stage of the competition.

Faculty Soiree
Date: 03/05
Purpose: Bring all mentors together to be available to the teams

Prototyping (Hardware/Software)
Date: 03/09
Purpose: Prototyping best practicies, steps to prototype, available resources at NYU/School of Engineering

Workshop 3: Lean Methodology
Date: 03/24
Purpose: Teach students lean methodology

Making the Cut
Date: 03/31
Purpose: Students submit executive summary, business model canvas, milestones, Choose 6 teams that will move one to Demo Day stage.

STAGE 3: Demo Day

Demo Day InfoSession

Purpose: Giving details and guidlines of the competition.

Startup Toolkit

Date: 04/03
Purpose: Practice customer development, pivot ideas or preserve on path

Business Model Monetization
Date: 04/07
Purpose:  How to get the word out about your company?
How to get your product out to your consumers?
Customer value, Average customer life, cost of customer acquisition, monetizing your idea, growth vs. capitalization are skills learned at this event.

Date: 04/16
Purpose: Choose top teams, award winners prize package.