Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can be on my team?
A. Anyone can join your team, BUT at least one student per team needs to be a current NYU student. NYU Student MUST pitch at the presentations.
Q. What’s the deadline to enter the competition?
A. The Registration deadline will be February 15th.
Q. What is due by Friday February 15, 2015?
A. Your Registration including an Idea Submission. It should be a summary of what your idea is about and the potential significance of it, but it doesn't have to be perfect, yet. It's just a starting place.
Q. Does NYU own my idea since it’s a school competition?
A. No, NYU does not own your idea. The idea is completely yours.
Q. What if my idea is patentable and I don’t want to share my idea with people?
A. Early on in the competition, all individuals with this concern will be given the chance to speak with Kurt Becker, NYU School of Engineering's patent portfolio manager, to discuss the implications of a patent.
Q. What will I gain from participating in this competition?
A. Learn how to refine your idea and validate whether it has potential (Cust Dev workshop). Learn about patents and intellectual property. Prototype your ideas into products and solutions. Enhance your presentation skills. Pitch to a panel of investors and industry experts. Get mentored by successful Tandon School of Engineering alumni, faculty and NYC entrepreneurs.
Q. What is the School of Engineering looking for in the Idea Submission? What are the judging criteria?
A. We are looking for students to prototype and pitch commercially viable ideas for real world problems. At each stage of the competition, teams will have set deliverables that they will have to present to a panel of judges. Teams will be provided with the judging criteria at the beginning of every stage.
Q. I’m on a team. Do all of my teammates need to send an Idea Submission?
A. No. Just one team member needs to send an Idea Submission. Please remember to include all team members’ names on your submission.
Q. I have an idea, but I don’t have a team. What do I do?
A. The official team hunt on December 11th 2015 during which we will have time for networking and finding teammates. If you do not have a team by submission deadline, please see someone on the InnoVention team. You can email or send a message to the Facebook page.
Q. How do I submit my idea?
A. After the Feburary 4th kick off event and Team Hunt a portal will be open to submit applications.
Q. Is the $40,000 a grand prize to the winner?
A. No, the prize package is split up among the winners of each rounds. Each team moving onto the next rounds will be given money to prototype and build their ideas. The prize package includes patent support thought the School of Engineering, legal support, physical workspace at the incubators and a cash prize.