Student Teams Prepare For the Ultimate Extracurricular Activity

Fifty vehicles from across the Americas will soon arrive for the 2010 Shell Eco-marathon Americas™ in Houston

As most high school and college students are busy tackling tests or taking it easy during spring break, student teams from across the Americas are preparing for the ultimate extracurricular activity — designing, building, and testing a vehicle that travels the farthest distance using the least amount of energy. After months of coordinating designs and constructing vehicles, 43 student teams — among 9 high schools and 29 universities — are putting the finishing touches on their vehicles for the 2010 Shell Eco-marathon Americas energy challenge. These leaders of tomorrow, and their fuel-efficient creations, will soon take to the streets of downtown Houston, March 26-28 around Discovery Green Park. We'll find out if these students can beat the 2,757.1 miles per gallon (1,172.2 kilometers per liter) achieved in 2009 by Laval University, but more than that, the students will grant us a glimpse into the fuels, technologies and transportation of tomorrow.

The complete 2010 Shell Eco-marathon Americas roster is: (abridged)

Combustion Engine: Six Vehicles

School   Location   Team Name Vehicle Name Energy Type
Mater Dei High Evansville, Ind. Poly  University Calif. Supermileage Supermileage Gasoline
Polytechnic Institute of NYU Brooklyn, N.Y. CONCEPT ZERO CONCEPT ZERO Gasoline
University of British Columbia    Vancouver, BC UBCST Argo Gasoline

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