Summer Courses for High School Students

Are you ready to get a head start on your academic year? Let a summer course at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering help!

NYU Precollege Programs

Precollege is college. NYU Precollege offers rising high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to experience academic and student life at New York University. Develop your technical skills with a fun and challenging course over the summer while earning college credit. Below is the list of courses offered during the Summer of 2015. In order to apply for these courses, you must apply using the link below.

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This three-credit summer course aims to provide students with a hands-on, experiential learning experience, which will provide: working knowledge of contemporary engineering practice, the problem solving process, and the tools and technologies engineers employ, as well as an understanding of the design process including competition, cost, quality, scheduling and manufacturability considerations and the opportunity to practice in an actual design project - building a robot.


This four-credit course is designed for high school students who want to improve their Algebra I and II skill as well as their understanding of the fundamentals required for Calculus. Students will learn exponents, multiplication of algebraic expressions, factoring algebraic expressions, working with algebraic fractions, proportionality, rates of change, and more.


This three-credit course is designed for high school students wanting to learn more about designing for the Web. Students will learn HyperText Markup Language (HTML) - the code structure underneath the Web pages; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) the presentation layer of the web; and JavaScript, a language for controlling behavior on web pages.


This two-credit summer course encourages students to expand upon their critical thinking and verbal reasoning skills while analyzing topics related to healthcare. As students explore health issues including personalized medicine in the age of the genome, ethics of pharmaceutical testing, healthcare in developing countries, and policies to promote health, they will develop a research paper that can be used for college applications.

Cyber Security Program for High School Women 

For the Cyber Security Program for High School Women, which is not a part of the precollege program, please click here.