Bridge Courses and Prerequisites

What is a Bridge Course or Prerequisite Conditional Admission?

Bridge courses are a tool to help students succeed in their graduate level studies. As per the recommendation from the admissions committee you have been admitted to the NYU Tandon School of Engineering (School of Engineering) with the need to strengthen or refresh some core competencies and are therefore required to enroll in bridge courses as outlined in your acceptance letter. Prerequisites are foundational courses from your field of study, often at an undergraduate level, and often do not count toward graduation.

During your 1st semester at the School of Engineering, you are to enroll in the bridge courses or prerequisites as outlined in your acceptance letter. Bridge courses or prerequisites are a requirement you must fulfill in order to continue with your academic degree program and are a stipulation of your acceptance to the Graduate School at the School of Engineering.


In a student’s first semester registration will be facilitated during orientation. Students must sign-in with the Graduate Center to have their student account hold temporarily lifted and then meet with their academic advisor before registering for classes online. In each subsequent semester, students must visit the Graduate Center to have their hold temporarily lifted for class registration. It is mandated that students required to take bridge courses or prerequisites do so during their first semester(s) of study.


Bridge course or prerequisite waivers will be granted by the Graduate Center only to those students who meet the following requirement:

  1. The student completes additional coursework after being admitted to the School of Engineering that fulfills their bridge course or prerequisite requirement. An updated official transcript must be presented to the Graduate Center before class registration. Coursework completed at other academic institutions must comply with the accreditation standards of your field of study.

Successful Completion of a Bridge Course or Prerequisite Condition

  1. All bridge and prerequisite coursework is successfully completed

If students meet the above requirement, the student account hold will be permanently removed from PeopleSoft by the Graduate Center. Students will be able to register for subsequent semesters without any limitations.

If students have not met the above requirement, a hold will remain on the student’s account preventing class registration. Students will have to visit the Graduate Center and enroll in any remaining bridge or prerequisite courses.