Impact of AMPS/CBRI on Partner Teachers

The Fellows provided the teachers technical "know-how" needed to run a robotics and mechatronics program. In interviews, the teachers indicated they were able to utilize these technical skills to enhance their instruction and to prepare students for the FLL tournaments. Several teachers offered that the program raised their expectations for the levels of skill and knowledge in STEM that pupils can attain. The program enabled them to challenge their students' research, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills. One expressed amazement that the students responded like "sponges" soaking up these higher-order concepts and skills.


One area that needs further exploration is the ways in which the STEM knowledge and skill of the Fellows specifically affected the classroom practices of the Partner Teachers. The project has great promise for enhancing the classroom instruction of teachers at the partner schools. The realization of this potential benefit will receive more attention in the next phase of the evaluation.