Revitalizing Achievement by using Instrumentation in Science Education


Project RAISE—Career Day Program


A National Science Foundation Supported Project




8:45 AM                     Welcoming Remarks                                  --Regna Lounge


Dr. Noel N. Kriftcher, Executive Director, David Packard Center for Technology and Educational Alliances, Polytechnic University


Ms. Frances Capuana, Executive Director, Career and Technical Education, New York City Department of Education


9:20 am                     Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

                                                Prof. Volkan Otugen


9:45 am                      Introduction to Civil Engineering

                                                Prof. Magued Iskander            


10:15 am                    Visits to Laboratories


                                    ME Labs

A. RH 413      Materials         Prof. Said Nourbakhsh

                                                B. RH 509C   Race Car          Prof. Vikram Kapila

                                                C. RH 514B    Robotics          Prof. Vikram Kapila


                                    CE Labs 

D. RH 415    Soil Mechanics Prof. Magued Iskander

                                                E. RH 415     Structures        Prof. Magued Iskander


 10:40 am                   Visit to Laboratories


                                    CE Labs

                                                A. RH 415      Soil Mechanics     Prof. Iskander

                                                B. RH 415      Structures            Prof. Iskander


                                    ME Labs

                                                C. RH 413      Materials              Prof. Nourbakhsh

                                                D. RH 509C   Race Car               Prof. Kapila

                                                E. RH 514B    Robotics               Prof. Kapila


Note: Each student is expected to follow his assigned program and visit one Civil Engineering laboratory and one Mechanical Engineering laboratory.


11:30 am                    Luncheon                                                      --Regna Lounge


                                    Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Vikram Kapila


Meet Engineering Professionals from Industry

1. Franck Rougier, Director of Engineering/Global IT Manager, NABS, Inc.

2. Andy Woo, Associate Engineer, Distribution Engineering, Network Systems, Consolidated Edison, Company

3. Kangpin Tee, Symbol Technologies

4. Walid Aboumoussa, Senior Engineer, Antonucci & Associates



Support provided by The New York City Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education

Co-Principal Investigators for Project RAISE: Prof. Vikram Kapila, Prof. Magued Iskander,  Prof. Noel Kriftcher


Special thanks to RAISE Fellows: Nerik Yakubov, Dong-Young Ko, Meetu Walia and Artyr Nisonov

and to ME  Dept. Assistants: Sang-Hoon (Nathan) Lee, Hong Wong, Anshuman Panda, Saul Harari, Pawan Kumar Bhagavatula and Rishi Raj