Our state-of-the-art facility, completed in 2016, was designed as a world-class catalysis and reaction engineering laboratory, capable of bench-top to pilot-scale flow chemistry and engineering research.  Our laboratory, consisting of over 1000 sq. ft. of space, includes several advanced Air Sentry chemical fume hoods specially designed for continuous-flow, multiphase synthesis using ultra-high purity gases.  A double-sided walk-in hood for scale-up investigations is equipped with vibration sensitive analytics for online, continuous-flow discovery.  Spectroscopic methods such as dynamic light scattering, infrared, microscopy, surface-enhanced Raman, UV-vis, and gas chromatography are available for online analyses in micro and meso-scale flow reactors.  Peripheral equipment includes a 5'x8' optical table, de-ionized water system with ultraviolet treatment, several high-pressure syringe pumps, reactor heating/cooling, automation, and data acquisition systems.  Controlled atmospheric conditions are possible using a glovebox.  Advanced industrial safety practices were also designed into our laboratory.  A high-pressure gas delivery system with regulated bench-top turrets, sensors, relief devices, and a liquid-crystal display enable online monitoring, either inside or outside the laboratory, of gases stored in cabinets.  Our laboratory also has high-performance computing capabilities for big data, molecular dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and density functional theory simulations in order to match theory with experimental results.

Supporting facilities adjacent to our laboratory include a world-class cleanroom equipped with state-of-the-art microelectronics processing equipment and atomic force microscopy, a boardroom with a kitchenette, a café lounge, and several two- and three-person student offices that overlook the NYU Tandon square from the top floor of Rogers Hall.  The space was designed with organizational psychology and industrial safety in mind in order to conduct world-class catalysis and reaction engineering academic research in an interdisciplinary environment where our student's creativity is not limited.