ALIVE training for Cleveland Fire Department

The following ALIVE training modules are developed exclusively for the members of Cleveland Fire Department. The training material and the firefighting procedures described in these web-based interactive multimedia training programs are based upon the results of several prominent research studies funded by the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program and the operating procedures of leading fire departments such as the Fire Department of New York, the Chicago Fire Department, and the Bloomington Fire Department. The procedures shown are recommendations for how to operate safely when confronted with the situations typically encountered. If these procedures conflict with your departmental SOPs or the orders you receive on the fire-ground, please make sure to follow your own local SOPs and orders.

Please click on the images below to receive the ALIVE training for "Fires in Residential Lightweight Construction" and "Wind-Driven High-Rise Fires". You can also download and install ALIVE as local desktop application on your desktops, laptops, etc. You will be asked to provide certain information (rank, assignment, years of service) that will be used for research purpose. As per the request of Cleveland Fire Department, aggregate information collected through these programs may be used to establish future training materials for the department. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please email us at the following address:

After successful completion of the training, members are requested to take the test using the links provided below. Please note that the officials of Cleveland Fire Department will be able to monitor the individual performances in these tests and award training credits to its members.

Post-training test: Fires in Residential Lightweight Construction

Post-training test: Wind-Driven High-Rise Fires