News Analytics and Strategies

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 5:30pm EST

  • Location:Rogers Hall, 601
    6 MetroTech Center

    Brooklyn, NY, US
  • Contact:Roy S. Freedman

Scheduled Presentations:

Applications of News Analytics in Finance -A Review of the Paper by Mitra & Mitra.     Y. Sun, S. Wang, C. He

Methods and Systems for Predicting Market Behavior based on News and
Sentiment Analysis - A Review of the Thomson Reuters Patent.
Y-Y. Chang, C. Chou, W. Xu, B. Xiang

Bloomberg’s News Analytics.     H. Pang, Y. Cheng, Q. Yang, Y. Zhang

News Analytics for Energy Futures - A Review of the Paper by Borovkova.
S. Liu, Y.Zhang, X. Xiong, H.Zhan

Media-Driven High Frequency Trading: Implications of Errors
in News Analytics - A Review of the Paper by Beschwitz, Keim, and Massa.     C. Wu, N. Dabas, C.Yin

Directional Prediction of Stock Prices using Breaking News on Twitter -
A Review of the Paper by Alostad.and Davulcu.  C. Xu, F. Meng, Y. Zhang

A Study in the Prediction of Financial Markets Based on News Sentiment -
A Review of the Paper by Sorto, Aasheim, and Wimmer.
X. Peng, X. Niu, A.B.Erarslan