Convergence of Networks, Smarter (Autonomous) Transportation Technologies and Big Data: Recent Advances

Friday, February 23, 2018 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm EST

  • Location:15 MetroTech Center, C2Smart Lab 6W-23

Satish V Ukkusuri
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
Purdue University


Over the last few years, we are seeing a convergence of technology, data, analytics and new modeling approaches in transportation systems. This trend is expected to continue with rapid advances in technology, growth of connected and self driving cars/communities and our ability to collect high velocity spatio-temporal data. In the transportation network modeling community, many investigations have explored the potential of these technologies especially as they relate to smarter mobility in cities. With the rapid convergence of these technologies, there is a need to develop new modeling frameworks and advance opportunities that exist in this space. This talk with present ongoing research on how network science approaches, data driven techniques and connected/autonomous vehicles are (re) shaping the smart mobility arena. This talk will discuss the speaker’s experience with various big data sources (taxi cab, social media, cell phone, camera data, etc), new network modeling approaches and autonomous vehicle models for making cities smarter and resilient.