The Innovator’s Journey: Education Engineers to Fulfill the Promethean Promise

Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

  • Location:Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Long Island Center
    105 Maxess Road

    Melville, New York

Speaker: Dr. , Associate Provost, NYU-Poly Westchester

About the Talk

The history of engineering is the history of innovation. This talk explores the path of the creative / innovator using both western and eastern mythic traditions looking for the adequate archetypes. It is well to understand these myths and what lessons they teach us about the innovator’s journey. Certain ancient myths and stories of heroes in the west are available to study as innovator’s journeys. We put these myths in perspective using modern contributors such as political economist Schumpeter on creative destruction, management educator Christiansen on the innovator’s dilemma and industrial psychologist Chris Argyris on the innovator as a professional. Using Argyris we develop the innovator archetype in light of archetypes in other professions.

Presented By the IEEE’s

Long Island Section Power and Energy and Industry Applications Joint Societies Chapter
Women in Engineering
Graduates of the Last Decade


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