Board Members

The NYU School of Engineering Enterprise Learning Board is comprised of experienced leaders from several industries and academia who provide valuable insights and recommendations to Enterprise Learning, the school's online unit. The Board meets twice a year to review progress, consider new ideas and to offer direction to fuel the growth of the school’s online education.

NYU Senior Faculty and Staff

Katepalli R. Sreenivasan
Paul M. Horn
Kurt H. Becker
Roy  Lowrance
Nasir   Memon
Robert N   Ubell

Higher Education

Andy  DiPaolo
Eric  Fredericksen
Michael B. Goldstein
Steven  Goss
Curtis  Kendrick
Frank  Mayadas

Banking and Technology

Sandra  Milano

Engineering and Technology

Brian  Casey
Dale Davis Jones
Stephanie  Mitchko
Harvey  Stein

Corporate Leadership, Human Resources and Talent Management

Amy  Abel
Hal  Espo
Eugene P Innocenti
Allan  Weisberg