NYU Engineering

Engineering is…

Creative in its approach, mobile in its ability to shape the future, and life-changing in its applications. Set in the heart of Brooklyn’s Tech Triangle, the urban learning space is made global at NYU’s School of Engineering. The moment for engineering is now. Learn more about our place at the epicenter of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship through each of these interactive stories. Engineering is NYU.

Engineering is creative

Our students are artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs working in extraordinarily challenging and fluid industries that reward the creative and the innovative. The yearly Inno/Vention competition gives students the opportunity to prototype and pitch their ideas to professors and industry experts who mentor them and help turn their concepts into realities. The new MAGNET facility brings together four NYU schools in order to bridge the gap between the Arts, Education, Engineering and Math and create unusual collaborations. The Game Innovation Lab helps move gaming from purely entertainment to educational and aids in the expansion of a burgeoning economic sector in New York.

Engineering is mobile

We are mobile in many ways. We equip our faculty and students with tools and resources as they move their inspiration into the applications domain. We are mobile because NYU has a successful track record of providing bona fide paths for creative students to the middle class and beyond, and will continue to foster upward mobility: forty percent of our students are the first in their families to attend college and we were recently voted #3 among all schools by PayScale 2013 College Return On Investment Report. We are mobile also because we are global. Mobility is not just about taking you upward; it is about taking everyone along as well.

Engineering is Life

NYU Engineers are creating a collaborative environment where new ideas come to life. These ideas take many forms from clean energy to robotic fish. Whether it’s detecting the world’s smallest viruses in our bioengineering labs, discovering new proteins, making new materials, interfacing unique medical instrumentation using wireless network, or making meaningful sense of big data, our diverse student and faculty body do more than study and research in bio-related areas; they seek out answers to provide for a brighter future using engineering tools to understand the world and improve the quality of life on earth.

Engineering is global

NYU has been regarded "in and of the city" for a long time, but now with its extraordinary global presence, it is "in and of the world". With additional portal campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, students can take courses in their chosen field while advancing their understanding of the world and its ways. Based in Brooklyn, our students are embedded in city life; they are inventing mobile apps to make commuters ride more comfortable, inventing lighter and more durable building materials, and envisioning greener cities.

Engineering is now

Our incubators offer the knowledge, the means, and the space for innovators to nurture their ideas, and were voted one of “2012 Top 10 Idea Labs” by Worth magazine. Our K-12 STEM Education seeks to extend the reach of the university’s high-quality programs to engage young students and their teachers in order to jumpstart the next generation of engineers. The Cyber Security Awareness Week Competition, now in its 10th year, is the largest competition of its kind and hones the talent of future cyber security experts. We engage young students now. NYU's School of Engineering is working to diminish the gender gap in STEM fields and will prepare everyone for a bright future.

The Merger

On January 1, 2014, NYU-Poly joined the largest private research university in America as its School of Engineering, returning the discipline to NYU after a 40-year gap. Its drive to push the boundaries of what it means to be a 21st century research institution, grounded on the principles of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship, has and will continue to lead to new strides. The addition of the School of Engineering to the robust academic offerings at NYU will aid in the creation of a more enlightened community that is literate and technologically savvy at the same time.

We create new knowledge for the future and turn it into wisdom through experience. We are equally aware of our responsibility to solve the problems of today, so we can be active partners in the growth and success of our local community, New York and, eventually, the world.”

Katepalli R. Sreenivasan, NYU-Poly President, NYU Dean of Engineering