CSAW 2012 Keynote Speaker

Speaker name:

Daniel Earl Geer Jr.


  •      Computer Science/Electrical Engineering at MIT, 1972
  •      Biostatistics Doctorate of Science at Harvard, 1988


  •      Worked on The X Window System and Kerberos at MIT (1988), 
  •      Worked at the first information security consulting firm on Wall Street (1992)
  •      Convenor of the first academic conference on electronic commerce (1995), 
  •      Gave the "Risk Management is Where the Money Is" speech that changed the focus of security (1998)
  •      Has assumed the Presidency of USENIX Association (2000)
  •      Was involved in the first call for the eclipse of authentication by accountability (2002) 
  •      Was the principal author of and spokesman for "Cyberinsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly" (2003) 
  •      Co-founder of SecurityMetrics.Org (2004)
  •      Convener of MetriCon (2006-present)
  •      Author of "Economics & Strategies of Data Security" (2008)
  •      Author of "Cybersecurity & National Policy" (2010).
  •      Creator of the Index of Cyber Security (2011) and the Cyber Security Decision Market (2011).


  •      Advisor to or Board member for a number of promising startups and their funding sources
  •      Has over 100 refereed publications
  •      Two books and many book chapters
  •      Three patents
  •      Over two hundred fifty invited presentations, twenty percent of which were keynotes including ten abroad
  •      Been employed in technology selection and standardization work
  •      Stood five times before the US Congress, of which two were lead witness.
  •      Commercial teaching history: both extensive in scope and in excess of ten thousand students in the aggregate.

 Participation in Government:

         Advisory roles for:
  •      Federal Trade Commission
  •      Departments of Justice and Treasury
  •      National Academy of Sciences
  •      National Science Foundation
  •      US Secret Service
  •      Department of Homeland Security
  •      Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  •      White House
  •      In-Q-Tel's counterparties


  •      Frequently consulted by the business and technical press
  •      Member of most relevant professional and trade organizations (public and private)
  •      Extensive civic involvement including several service recognition awards at the national level
  •      Skilled debater