THREADS is a conference that seeks to candidly display state of the art attacks and defenses with respect to new and emerging technologies. Industry speakers are selected by a committee of CSAW organizers, with an emphasis on pragmatic real world security experience and new discoveries in network attack and defense. These talks are intended to enrich the academic experience of students who attend, ground the event in practice, and provide state-of-the-art material for professionals in the field.

Organizations are looking to deploy larger numbers of mobile devices over the coming years. There is widespread disagreement in the security community over which platforms are more secure, what mobile security measures are effective, and what the greatest risks of these platforms are. The speakers of threads will present their research into the security of a wide range of mobile technologies. Participants will learn about mobile attacks and defense, vulnerabilities that exist on both mobile devices and operator networks, and the motivations and capabilities of attackers to exploit them.

Peiter 'Mudge' Zatko at CSAW 2011

THREADS will take place from 9-5pm on Thursday November 15, 2012 in the Pfizer Auditorium at the School of Engineering. This conference is open to the public, and professionals are encouraged to attend. The conference registration fee is $200. This fee is waived for CSAW participants, and full-time faculty and students who are registered for CSAW; university issued photo ID required at sign in.

Registration is required. Please register online here.