Winners of the 2012 CSAW Competition Challenges

Congratulations to the 2012 CSAW Challenge Winners!

Adobe Security Awareness Video Challenge

First Place - Ethan Bian, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Second Place - The Monty Defenders, Montgomery High School
Third Place - Congyue Zhang, the School of Engineering

AT&T Applied Security Research Paper

First Place - Martin Georgiev, University of Texas at Austin
The Most Dangerous Code in the World: Validating SSL Certificates in Non-Browser Software
Second Place - Richard Wartell, University of Texas at Dallas
Binary Stirring: Self-randomizing Instruction Addresses of Legacy x86 Binary Code
Third Place - Emil Stefanov, University of California at Berkeley
Iris: A Scalable Cloud File System with Efficient Integrity Checks

Capture the Flag

First Place - PPP1, Carnegie Mellon University
Second Place - PPP2, Carnegie Mellon University
Third Place - BUILDS, Boston University

Department of Homeland Security Quiz

First Place - Shawn Denbow and Andrew Zonenberg, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Second Place - Rough Epsilon
Team members include: Richard Wartell of the University of Texas at Dallas, Luca Invernizzi of the University of California at Santa Barbara and Chaitrali Amrutkar of Georgia Institute of Technology
Third Place - George Hotz and Tyler Nighswander, Carnegie Mellon University.

High School Award - Significant Bits, Red Bank High School

Embedded Systems Challenge

First Place - Team Narmos, University of South Florida
Team members include: Matthew Lewandowski, Richard Meana and Christopher Bell
Second Place - Trojan Hunters, Grenoble INP - ESISAR
Team members include: Gerson Piraquive Triana and Elie Riviere
Third Place - ESIS Hack, Grenoble INP - ESISAR
Team members include: Julien Martin, Thibault Sahuc, Jeremy Savonet, Laura Soundararadjou and Simon Piroux-Mounier

High School Forensics Challenge

First Place - The Hash-Slinging Hackers, Hidden Valley High School, VA
Team members include: Kevin Silberblatt, Sachitch Gullapalli and Baxter Wingfield
Second Place - Significant Bits, Red Bank Regional High School, NJ
Team members include: Michael Terpak, Ryan McVeety and Alec Jasanovsky
Third Place - SyntaxError, High Technology High School, NJ
Team members include: Austin Eng and Zachary Liu

Kaspersky Lab North American Round

Best Paper - Vasileios Pappas, Columbia University
Detecting Traffic Snooping in Tor Using Decoys
Innovation & Originality - Raymond Mui, the School of Engineering
Efficient Sensor Fingerprint Matching Through Fingerprint Quantization
Practical Application - Arun Kanuparthi, the School of Engineering
A High-Performance, Low Overhead Microarchitecture for Secure Program Execution
Best Presentation - Veronica Swanson, Columbia University
Killing the Myth of Cisco IOS Diversity: Recent Advances in Reliable Shellcode Design