2011 CSAW Winners

Kaspersky American Cup

1st: Ang Cui; Columbia University; Killing the Myth of Cisco IOS Diversity: Recent Advances in Reliable Shellcode Design

2nd: Timothy Vidas; Carnegie Mellon University; Towards a General Collection Methodology for Android Devices

3rd: Jeyavijayan Rajendran; NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering; Processor Encryption: Towards More Secure and Reliable Processors

4th: Napa Sae-Bae; NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering; Biometric-Rich Gestures: A Novel Approach to Authentication on Multi-touch Devices

AT&T Award for Best Applied Security Paper

1st: Andrew White; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Phonotactic Reconstruction of Encrypted VoIP Conversations: Hookt on fon-iks

2nd: Shyamnath Gollakota; MIT; Secure In-Band Wireless Pairing

3rd: Ankur Taly; Stanford University; Autmated Analysis of Security-Critical JavaScript APIs

Capture the Flag

1st: PPP1; Garrett Barboza, Matt Dickoff, Tyler Nighswander, Ricky Zhou; Carnegie Mellon University, PA

2nd: PPP2; Joseph Lee, Brent Lim, Alex Reece, Hudson Thrift; Carnegie Mellon University, PA

3rd: RPISEC; Shawn Denbow, Jeremy Pope, Wilson Wong, Jared Candelaria; Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, NY

Embedded Systems Challenge
Malicious Processors Design

1st: Yier Jin, Mihalis Maniatakos; University of Texas at Dallas, TX

2nd: Yves Clauzel, Jeremy Dubeuf, Maurin Augagneu, David Hely; Grenoble - INP Esisar Team, France

3rd: Xuehui Zhang, Andrew Ferraiuolo, Nicholas Tuzzio; University of Connecticut, CT

Embedded Systems Challenge
Physical Unclonable Functions

1st: Xuehui Zhang, Andrew Ferraiuolo, Nicholas Tuzzio; University of Connecticut, CT

2nd: Michael Patterson, Aaron Mills, Sudhanshu Vyas, Christopher Sabotta; Iowa State University, IA

High School Cyber Forensics Challenge

1st: Zettabyte; Emily Wicki, Michael Terpak, Alec Jasanovsky; Red Bank Regional High School, NJ

2nd: Echo; Brendan Rowan, Daniel Luu, Jamie Palmer; Poolesville High School, MD

3rd: 11 Man Team; Shreyas Chand, Eric Jeney, Brianna Mussman; Middlesex County Academy for SMET, NJ

Cyber Security Awareness Video Award

1st: Lianna Lee; New York University, NY

2nd: Yamini Sasidhar; Academy of Allied Health and Science, NJ

3rd: Michael McGrews; Poolesville High School, MD

Quiz Tournament

1st: RPISEC; Andrew Zonenberg, Shawn Denbow; Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, NY

2nd: Thingys; Ben Agre, Cory Li; MIT, MA

3rd: Hack the Gibson; Shyamnath Gollakota, MIT, MA, Bredan Dolan-Garitt, Georgia Tech, GA