About the CSAW Competition

Outwit Fellow CyberSecurity Sleuths

For the eighth time, cybersecurity students from around the world are preparing for the year's premier event--the CSAW Cybersecurity Competition at the School of Engineering. The best of the best, from high school students to PhD candidates, will be found at CSAW, engaged in a fierce, two-day event guaranteed to thrill.

An institution whose rallying points are invention, innovation and entrepreneurship, the School of Engineering is the perfect battleground for these emerging leaders in cybersecurity. A designated Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Research and in Education (National Security Agency), Information Systems and Security (ISIS) is funded by the National Science Foundation and a renowned member of the cybersecurity community, able to provide the tools and challenges needed to arm and analyze the greatest hackers of tomorrow who one day may be hacking for you.

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