CSAW 2015: Opportunities for High School Students

The NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering is gearing up for Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW), the largest student-run cyber security event in the country.

A mainstay of CSAW has been the High School forensics challenge, a nationwide event with awards in college scholarships. Check out some of the press that has started coming in for this unique event:

The Growing Need for More Women Cybersleuths

From CNBC:

Amid high-profile breaches on websites such as Ashley Madison and the IRS, experts say the need for cybersecurity professionals—including women—is only growing.

Nearly 2 million global cybersecurity professionals will be needed by 2017, according to the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College. At the same time, the cybersecurity industry is facing a gender gap.

A Truly Private Life: Bruce Schneier on Privacy

Bruce Schneier is a self-proclaimed short-term pessimist and long-term optimist. He suspects that in future generations—similar to how we now judge the actions of the early industrialists of the early 1900s and their apparent lack of environmental concerns—we will look back onto the early information age and judge it just as harshly.

ASPIRE Program Offered to NYU School of Law Students

CRISSP is pleased to announce the NYU School of Law's participation in the ASPIRE Program. School of Law students may now apply for an ASPIRE scholarship to ensure students are at the cutting edge in helping to solve some of the country's most vexing security problems.

Apply to the ASPIRE Program here.

Hacking the Internet of Things

Reposted from the School of Engineering Press Room.

The Internet Security (IS) Lab on the second floor of the Dibner Building usually holds weekly hack nights. These hack nights, run by students, are for Computer Science majors interested in an introduction to offensive computer security. This hack night, however, was unique: Students pored over a coffee pot.

​5 counterintuitive ways to protect against hackers

From CBS News:

It's a dangerous and scary time to run a business. Hackers are becoming ever more sophisticated in their attempts to steal valuable information, and the threat of attack feels ever more present, with several large companies and their customersfalling prey to the whims of aggressive cyber criminals.

Computer Science Students Earn Top Awards

From the University of Texas in Dallas: Computer Science Students Earn Top Awards.

UT Dallas computer science students continue to impress with their technical prowess in cybersecurity. Top awards recently were earned at the 11th annual New York University Polytechnic School Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) conference and at the Capital One Coding for Good Hackathon competition.

Sloan Lecture Series Wrap-Up

The fifth and final installment of the Sloan Lecture Series has ended. Couldn't make it? Here are some articles about the event:

From the NYU Press Room: Richard Danzig of the Rand Corporation Delivers the Fifth Sloan Foundation Lecture

The following articles are from Inside Cybersecurity (Must be a subscriber to view):