Hitachi scanning electron microscope

Leica sputter coating unit

Physical Acoustics UltraPac ultrasonic imaging system with 3 axis automatic movement


Rigaku Miniflex x-ray diffractometer


Nikon metallurgical microscope with digital image acquisition system


Buehler Ecomet 250 polishing machine


Struers LaboPol-5 grinding and polishing machine


Two computer controlled screw driven Instron test systems. Load cell capacities: 30 and 50 kN


TA Q800 dynamic mechanical analyzer

TA Q400 themo mechanical analyzer

Agilent impedance analyzer


Instron POE2000 pendulum impact tester for Izod and Charpy tests. The tester is specialized for polymers and composites

Rockwell hardness tester and Vickers microhardness tester

Compressed air shock tube with data acquisition system

Split-Hopkinson pressure bars setup