Kaan Ozbay Ph.D.

Kaan M.A. Ozbay is Professor at the department of Civil and Urban engineering at NYU-Poly and Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP). Ozbay's research interest in transportation covers advanced technology and sensor applications, incident and emergency management, development of real-time control techniques for traffic, traffic safety, application of artificial intelligence and operations research techniques in network optimization, development of simulation models for transit and automated highway systems, and transportation economics. He is co-editor of numerous bookd, including most recently Dynamic Traffic Control & Guidance published by Springer Verlag’s "Complex Social, Economic and Engineered Networks" series in 2013. He published more than 300 refereed papers in scholarly journals and conference proceedings.

  • kaan.ozbay@nyu.edu
  • +1 609 216 0587
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