IEI Labs

Description: The new Institute for Engineered Interfaces (IEI) will promote and facilitate cross-disciplinary research.

Dibner Building

Description: Updates to the building create a new student services and support hub and enhance the public spaces.

Campus Improvements

Description: Continually investing in existing building assets forms a critical part of the plan.

Rogers Hall

Description: A core strategic objective of the capital plan is the renovation of Rogers Hall, the “heart” of the School of Engineering campus and the Institute’s largest and most robust building.

“GREEN” Initiatives

Description: From the outset of the i2e Campus Transformation, “Green” has held its place among the Six Driving Principles of Transformative Capital Planning" guiding the project.

2 MetroTech Center

Description: the School of Engineering's ECE and CSE departments were the first to move across the square to a new space for faculty offices, researcher workstations and labs. The 9th floor is home to NYU WIRELESS and CATT research centers and three large classrooms.

15 MetroTech Center

Description: the School of Engineering's administrative functions have been relocated to a suite in this contemporary office building.

MetroTech Center

Description: the School of Engineering has expanded its campus into neighboring buildings in Brooklyn's MetroTech Center.


Description: The Center of Innovation for Technology and Entertainment (CITE) is a showcase for invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship, or i²e.

Project 2010

Description: Extensive renovations of the Rogers Hall café and corridor help solidify the building's role as the 'heart of the campus.'


Description: Small groupings of contemporary furniture sprinkled around campus to encourage impromptu collaborations.


Description: Restrooms on the 1st and 4th floors of Rogers Hall received modern fixtures and vibrant hues as part of a renovation that included updates to plumbing infrastructure.

Café Servery

Description: A remodeled servery, funded by Lackmann Culinary Services, upgraded the fixtures and materials to complement the café design.