Gerson Greene '58

The one word that everyone has used in talking with the Greene family about Gerson is “kind.” His kindness and respect touched everyone he met, and they reciprocated with friendship. He never saw another human being as merely someone doing a job; he recognized the essential humanity of everyone he met. His was an “ich-du” persona. In some ways, Gerson saw life through a camera lens. He had a basement darkroom, and embraced new technology as a self-taught “early adopter” throughout his life. Most recently he assembled a RAID array so he could transfer all his years of video to the latest formats for editing. To him, capturing memories so that they could be passed forward was very important. Gerson Greene’s life was grounded in the key Jewish attributes of derech eretz -- treating others with respect and kindness; of dan l’chaf z’chut -- giving others the benefit of the doubt (sometimes, perhaps, even too much); and perhaps most importantly, of shalom bayit -- establishing a home filled with unconditional love and mutual respect. Gerson’s family and friends will miss him dearly.