• The Jacobs Women

    The Jacobs Women

    The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur, the late Joseph J. Jacobs’s memoir, is dedicated to his wife Violet “Vi” Jabara Jacobs, of whom he wrote: “With a modesty that belies the great woman she is and loyalty that I cannot live without, Vi is the heart in the anatomy of this entrepreneur. Because of her, I breathe.”


    The annual election of officers and directors of the Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association, Inc. will take place at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at promptly  6:00PM in Rogers Hall, RH116 , Six MetroTech Brooklyn, NY. Reception at 5:30PM. All alumni are invited to attend and vote.  Officers (two-year term):

  • Superstorm Sandy’s Salty Legacy

    Superstorm Sandy’s Salty Legacy

    Sal DePrisco (’82) knows full well the value of an NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering degree in chemical engineering. Although he graduated during one of the worst economic recessions in recent memory, he immediately received multiple job offers. He settled on a position with General Foods, working as a Process Engineer in the Plant Engineering Department of Maxwell House Coffee, at the Hoboken, NJ facility. “A million pounds a day were processed there,” he says.

  • Bell Labs Fellow—That Has a Nice Ring to It

    Bell Labs Fellow—That Has a Nice Ring to It

    “In sixth grade, I ran an antenna wire around my classroom,” Walter Honcharenko (’89, ’90, ’93) recalls. “My teacher thought I was crazy, but we were able to receive an AM news broadcast on a crystal radio wound on an oatmeal container. Later, in high school, I was the one in the background at the one and only school radio station in NYC, WHIL Radio 680 on the AM dial turning the knobs and fixing the turntables.”

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