Current Tenants

AreteX Engineering


AreteX Engineering (pronounced: AREH-TEK) combines arete (“excellence of any kind”) and technology. AreteX Engineering is accelerating the use of information technology in healthcare. Our innovative solutions help reduce intensive care unit costs and increase quality of care. Our core technology utilizes mathematical modeling to predict patient outcome and improve quality of care. The technology provides an efficient method to analyze and interpret patient data already available at the hospitals.
The company was founded by a team of researchers who have more than a decade of experience in research focused on current challenges in the operating rooms and the intensive care units. AreteX Engineering was founded in 2013 and was selected as one of the resident teams at the Harvard Innovation Lab. Our company is a current resident of the NYU Incubator.

Behnood Gholami | Co-Founder |


AVANAN is a venture-backed, stealth mode startup that offers enterprise-grade security for data in the cloud. Avanan offers enterprise-grade security for the consumer-class cloud. Dropbox, Office365, Google Docs, Salesforce or any other SaaS application can now enjoy the same best-of-breed security as the datacenter.  A challenger in the nascent Cloud Access Security Broker industry, Avanan is a stealth-mode startup founded by trusted veterans of the enterprise security industry.

Michael Landewe | Co-Founder |

Board Vitals

Founded in 2012, Board Vitals helps physicians prepare for Medical boards, Re-certifcation exams (MOC), and In-service Exams. Board Vitals is a physician-run company created with the practicing physician and resident in mind. We know this field because we are in it! Our writers and expert reviewers are residents and attendings from many prestigious academic institutions and training programs.
Daniel Lambert | CEO |

Books That Grow

Each book contains three to five levels of complexity.  Higher level text features advanced vocabulary and syntax.  In lower level text, the vocabulary and sentence structure are simplified and the key ideas and details are more explicit
Instructors can monitor each student's progress in real time and quickly adjust the difficulty level for one or all of their students with just a tap or a click.  Students can adjust the difficulty level if their teacher allows.
Regardless of starting point, Books That Grow helps all types of students 'grow' their abilities to read complex text.  Books That Grow is appropriate for advanced and remedial readers, as well as English Language Learners.

Daniel Fountenberry | Founder |


CaseRails is building the most efficient and accurate way for lawyers at law firms to draft legal documents. Attorneys currently spend a significant amount of time performing non-legal tasks such as formatting documents, manually merging drafts from multiple team members, and hunting down information from documents to copy and paste into new projects. CaseRails eliminates this legal drudgery, making law firms more efficient and more profitable, and decreasing costs for clients.
Erik Dykema | Founder |

Cognitive Toybox

Cognitive ToyBox is on a mission to make toys backed by science. By working with leading developmental psychologists to productize cutting-edge academic research, we are creating the best platform to learn about learning, while at the same time, giving parents the tools to give their children a developmental edge.
Tammy Kwan | Founder |

Create new leads on social networks. Instantly add them to your CRM. Create leads wherever they are. Tell us who your lead is with a click of the + button. For every lead you add, Contactly will create a new lead card with the option of instantly adding them into CRM
Matt Sunbulli | Founder |

Geometric Intellingence

Doug Bemis | Founder |

German Accelerator

The German Accelerator supports German tech startups to enter the U.S. market. We provide startups with hands-on mentoring at our locations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York City. The three months program is open to a broad range of startups from ICT related sectors. Ideal participants generate domestic revenue, enjoy customer traction and have the potential for category leadership in a large, global market. During the program, startups face the dynamic and competitive U.S. environment and benchmark product, team, and business model. They actively engage with customers, establish relationships, adjust communication styles, validate product/market fit, and connect with potential investors.
Teddy Goldstein | Head of Operations |

Haystack was founded on the idea that anyone who relies on stock photo sites, personally or professionally, could benefit from access to a single, intuitive search platform with relevant, high-quality results from a diversity of reputable sources. We’re committed to building the most comprehensive professional image search out there, and loading it with features that make the only tool you need to use when finding, licensing and managing your images. We’re constantly expanding our collection of sources, tweaking our search algorithm to ensure that our results only get better and better, and developing features to improve our user experience.
Andrew Rowat | Co-Founder, CEO |


Live Sqrd enables developers to access a live content infrastructure. So the focus for developers is only on the project's front end (the product) and don't have to worry about servers or databases. Allowing any device to have access to the content on demand easily from video to data.

Antanio Pellegrino | Founder |

Mental Canvas

Mental Canvas is developing a breakthrough technology that defines a new digital graphical media that fills the gap between 2D drawings and 3D models.
The core technology, originally developed at Yale University by a research team led by Professor Julie Dorsey, is the basis for a suite of commericial applications . The company is currently building partnerships with major design, adversiting , and media firms, publishers and tablet manufacturers. Mental Canvas is backed by a private family investment office and highly competitive National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Awards, which fund “transformational technology with high technical risk and potential for significant societal or commericial impact”. The company is located in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York City and along Connecticut shoreline.

Julie Dorsey | CEO |



Miner is a virtual store on your smartphone that changes everywhere you go.

The Everywhere Store is a virtual store on you smartphone that changes everywhere you go. This is just our starting point. The Everywhere Store we are building will make it easy to discover anything you need, anywhere you are.

Kieth Fiore | CEO |


Nowsta is a web-based communications and logistics platform that helps organizations manage their workforce and understand their operations. Nowsta was built especially for organizations with distributed workforces.

Armand Patella | CEO |


Ontodia endeavors to create "Human-powered, machine-accelerated, Collective Knowledge Systems". In this age of Information Overload, machines have become very good at producing data. So much so, that Humans - the ultimate consumer of data, have not been able to cope with this exponential Data Tsunami. Ontodia aims to use its "crowdknowing" technique to create Collective Knowledge Systems that leverage "semantics, statistics, algorithm and the crowd" to develop self-reinforcing Linked Data networks that leverage the best of Humans and Machines to create sustainable Knowledge marketplaces.

Joel Natividad | Founder |


Rabt personalizes digital content experiences in video and beyond according to users’ likes, based on a series of recommendation algorithms Founded in 2013, Rabt is a big data start-up based in New York City and Athens with the vision to improve people’s everyday entertainment by personalizing the way that they experience content while at home or on the go. Following the overwhelming success of rabtAPP in determining what video content a user would like with up to a 90% accuracy, Rabt decided to provide its sophisticated personalization capabilities to content publishers in video and beyond through rabtPRO. We’ve since been busy building a service whose mission is to delight consumers and content publishers alike.

Yiannis Broustas | Co-Founder and CEO |


Rollio is a mobile platform for CRMs (customer relationship management software). We are making CRM management as simple as texting & tweeting, and as insightful as intelligent data mining. At Rollio we believe selling should be the main focus of sales reps, and database management should not slow them down. Via sentiment analysis, categorization via logistic regression, and part of speech tagging, we make human to CRM communication...well, human! We are using technology to re-imagine the underlying CRM infrastructure to enable quicker, friendlier and more transparent data management within sales processes for big & small enterprises. We are based in New York City, where we are opening our brand new office and rapidly growing! After recently closing our next round of funding from a publicly traded company & major CRM provider, we are looking for exciting people to become core team members.

Jake Suffer | CEO |


RXACTIVE was founded by a team of NYU medical students, designers, and athletes seeking to upgrade the way people train by revolutionizing the clothes they wear. Thanks to the NYU community, which provided us with funding, training, and connections, we were able to build early prototypes of our first product. Last year, our awesome resistance shorts won first place at NYU’s $200k Entrepreneurs Challenge and second place at NYU’s InnoVention Competition.

Frank Yao | Co-founder CEO |


StyleSage monitors and analyzes billions of pricing and social signals to provide fashion retailers and brands with the competitive intelligence they need to succeed.  We deliver real-time and predictive analytics that show: what shoppers love, how much to produce and stock, how much to price merchandise, and where to allocate inventory.  

Jade Huang | CEO |



Simply put, Stringr is a marketplace that allow media organizations (such as TV News stations) to buy video from both amateur and professional videographers. The media organizations can preview all footage, if they like what they see, they can immediately download the HD version. Once they do so, you (the videographer) will get paid the next business day! Stringr also brings work to you. If you download our app, Stringr Video, and enable push notifications, Stringr will let you know when the media outlets want something shot.

Lindsay Stewart | Co-founder CEO |

Tactile Finance

Tactile Finance builds solutions to help customers navigate complex financial products.Our mission is to make complex financial transactions easy to understand, transparent and speedy.
For the residential mortgage originator or borrower seeking support for smart decisions about residential mortgage transactions, Tactile Finance provides clarity for both sellers and buyers.

Nicole Hamilton | CEO |


The Loadown allows mobile app marketers and developers to respond in real-time to competitive threats and grow their sales.The Loadown is a data-driven platform that tracks competitors’ activities including sales, pricing changes, product updates and marketing. Combined with actionable intelligence, The Loadown empowers mobile app marketers and developers to react effectively to competitive market dynamics.

David Renard | Founder |


TheScaffold is a leadership development company founded to build strong individuals into great leaders. We come from a diverse background and know firsthand how important the right leaders are to organizations of all sizes.
We believe that everyone has the capabilities to grow into a great leader if given the resources to develop the necessary skills. Regardless of what field or level you are in your career, building your leadership capabilities now is the key to long-term success. TheScaffold Virtual Coach will help you get there.

Joaquin Roca | CEO |


Vidcode began with shared passions. The first was a love for what we do. Tech is creative and exciting. Yet, as women professionals in computer science, we felt a mutual chagrin that tech is still so male dominated. This led us to the second passion – to find a way to teach girls that coding and working in tech is creative and cool! So we spoke with girls. We learned about the disconnect girls feel from computer science classes (we knew how that felt), and the misperceptions, i.e., tech is boring. Soon after, we created Vidcode, a video coding platform designed with girls in mind that is not only self-expressive, but paired with a hobby girls love – creating and sharing videos. As we continue to test and introduce Vidcode, one thing is clear; girls love it!

Melissa Halfon | Co-Founder |