Submit the required documents listed below to become an on-site or virtual tenant. These documents will serve as your completed application.

Send your completed application to Varick Street Incubator. All materials will be treated as confidential. We prefer that you send your application digitally, but we will accept printed applications.

Send completed applications or application questions to:

Steven Kuyan
Phone: 212-292-3122

Required Documents

Product Description

In 1 page or less, please provide a detailed description of your product or service including the factors, functions, or features that you believe will make it attractive to your potential customers and will allow it to grow rapidly in the next 12 to 24 months.

Commercialization Task Plan

To the best of your ability, please describe the tasks/activities you feel you need to complete over the next 24 months in support of your commercialization effort. We are interested in the following:

  • Development tasks necessary to deliver a commercially marketable product or service, the month to month;
  • Operational activities necessary for the delivery of your product or service;
  • Marketing and sales activities you will need to reach a financially sustainable level of operation; and
  • Staffing requirements you will need to complete these tasks.

Month by Month Cash Flow Requirements for the Completion of Your Task Plan

Your ability to create a financially successful commercial venture will depend a great deal on your ability to project the cash flow needs necessary to complete the tasks in your commercialization strategy. Without detailed estimates of the size and timing of your needs, the creation of a financially sustainable venture will be almost impossible.