Building electronic devices has always been a compromise between cost, flexibility and time. BotFactory is born with the idea of providing all three, anywhere and to everyone. We want to democratize electronic design by providing the tools to easily print electronic circuits from home.

Carlos Ospina | Founder, CTO

Nicolas Vansnick | Founder, CEO

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures


Brooklyn Bridge Ventures is a seed stage investor. Charlie O’Donnell has been an active member of the NYC venture capital and startup community for ten years in roles ranging from institutional fund investor to venture capitalist to entrepreneur—with a little product management in between. He has venture experience at two of the top venture capital firms in the country, Union Square Ventures and First Round Capital, and sourced First Round’s Investment in GroupMe, which sold to Skype in 2011. The investments he sourced at First Round Capital also include Refinery29, chloe + Isabel, Backupify, SinglePlatform, Salescrunch, and Docracy. 

Charlie O’Donnell


Coloroot organizes the world's color information and provides color analytics that are accessible and useful to designers, buyers, marketers and  a variety of professionals across all industries.
Anat Lechner |
Leslie Harrington |


Being a patient with diabetes is a challenge. At Databetes, we know because we are patients too. We are developing simple yet powerful self-management support tools. Patients spend on average just 2 hours a year in the company of their doctor. We want to help you the other 8,758 hours in the year. From logging your nutritional data to your exercise, we help patients aggregate all the factors that influence their blood sugar control. It's easier to understand what's going on when all this information is in one place.

Emotional Explorer Lab


Imagine a world in which computers have the ability to understand human emotions.

Vicenc Ferrer

Evolving Technologies Corproation

Evolving Technologies Corporation is a member the SAP Startup Focus Program. We are building next generation software tools for collective bargaining built on SAP's HANA Technology Platform. Our product - ETC Unite elegantly aligns corporations and labor unions under one umbrella to collaboratively reach optimal cost savings, make accurate informed decisions, and iron out the thorny problems of collective bargaining in record time. 

Loren Abdulezer | CEO | 


Filemobile is a software company specializing in user-generated content (UGC) with solutions for uploading, moderating and publishing rich media. Clients include major brands, media companies, enterprise, education and agencies. Filemobile provides cross-media products focused on leveraging UGC and commercial content in a way that is fast, flexible and scalable. UGC, social networking, contests, video and online community-management products power proven and interactive online experiences to grow audience, deepen customer/employee engagement and monetize content.

Chris Becker | Co-Founder |


Freescape works in the field of 3D Printing, developing consumer and industrial products alike.

JF Brandon |
Chris Lobello


To foster an engaged and informed workforce through social knowledge sharing.

Rachel Zisser Kaplowitz,CEO


KISI provides cloud-based access control for offices, buildings and other locked objects. Turn your smartphone into a key!

Bernard Mehl |


Kinvolved aims to improve K-12 attendance through family engagement and data-driven interventions. Our 3-part program couples technology with human capital to affect positive change in student attendance. Our software program allows teachers to record attendance and immediately send an SMS/email to families of absent/late students and view simple, robust graphic reports to identify attendance trends. Based on the trends in the attendance data, Kinvolved recommends tailored interventions to solve underlying reasons for absence and lateness.

Miriam Altman |

Alexandra Meis |


LevelsPro uses gamification to train and motivate hourly workers. Our first market is Retail, where LevelsPro will be used to improve employee engagement, productivity and retention for the associates working at stores.

Stuart Silverman | CEO |

Maker's Row

Maker’s Row is an online marketplace that connects American manufacturers and product based businesses. Our mission is to make manufacturing easy to access and simple to understand. We support a network of established businesses in their domestic sourcing needs, and are inspiring the next generation of American businesses to think domestic 

Matthew  Burnett | CEO |
Tanya  Menendez | COO |
Scott Weiner | CTO |


MobiMed is a mobile medical healthcare start up.  Their first app Telepathology is being developed in conjunction with mobile app manufacturers CookieSmart LTD from the UK.  Launched in 2013, the mobile app provides an end to end solution for cancer screening and patient management.  Telepathology is being field tested at Hopital Universitaire Justinien in Cap-Haitien.

Louis Auguste, Founder and CEO
CookieSmart LTD


Notch is a personal haptic interface.

Stepan Boltain |


Our unique eye tracking technology unveils how well the brain is functioning.

Rober Ritlop |

One financial

Together we are building a mobile-enabled retail bank -- starting with a greenfield customer segment, the 60 million low and middle income Americans who brick and mortar banks don't serve today. We'll use capital-light branches -- operating out of trucks at street fairs and community events -- to drive in-person customer acquisition in the neighborhoods where our customers concentrate and incumbents are closing down their stores. The mobile experience will center around flows that are core to this segment -- check cashing, bill pay, money orders, remittances, and transfers -- and responsive in-app service. And we'll build a data asset from our transactional, CRM, and support systems, and lever this to support novel products like small dollar credit, customized to user need and ability-to-repay in a way never done before.

Pixel 506

We are an international consulting, branding and design company that researches and designs optimal brands and online applications for our clients. Since our establishment in 2007, we have served and partnered with programming, business, and branding companies throughout the United States and Latin America. We are a green company and take pride in the environment-friendly methods we use in our work.

Antonio Ramirez |


ReadyGraph allows any site to add a complete viral growth system for free with only one line of code. ReadyGraph's viral system includes many of the social features that the large social networks used to reach massive adoption. ReadyGraph helps end users connect with each other in the context of great content from across the web.

Dan Abelon |


How often have your friends asked you who made that necklace or where you got that cool iPhone case? What if you could profit from your good taste and style? We believe that everyone can be a great salesperson if there is a product that they love that they trust enough to use themselves and recommend to their friends. We have found a way to provide sellers with awesome products made and manufactured across multiple brands that individuals can proudly sell to their friends and networks. 

Ricky Berrin |

Seth Murphy | 

Smart Vision Labs

Smart Vision Labs invents the smartphone based autorefraction technology to make the current vision test experience obsolete.
Parents can use the Smart Autorefractor to exam children’s vision and improve their readiness for school.
Eyeglasses wearers can use the Smart Autorefractor to monitor vision changes over time and improve eye health.
Elderly people can use the Smart Autorefractor to determine their needed lens power before shopping for reading glasses.

Yaopeng Zhou, Ph.D. |
Marc Albanese, CFA |


Discover and track the world’s fastest growing businesses, without all the noise. SIGNL aggregates real-time data for an objective view of company growth, analyzing both startups and established companies across all industries.

Dan Abelon |


StreamSpec transforms static images on web pages into interactive and engaging experiences.

Jordan Lester |

Suneris, Inc.

Suneris, Inc. is an early stage biotechnology company that develops products to accelerate hemostasis on surgical and traumatic wounds. Suneris™ gel stops bleeding in seconds by adhering to the surrounding tissue to hold in pressure, activating the body’s platelets, and creating a fibrin clot. The gel mimics the extracellular matrix (ECM), or the structural support of the body’s cells, which allows it to facilitate cell growth and act as a platform to heal wounds, treat burns, and deliver therapeutics.



Tripwing ensures you get the ideal tour experience every time you travel. Stop worrying about the itinerary and logistics. Let Tripwing take the headaches out of planning the perfect vacation

Eric Tanner |


Violet Health is a social enterprise startup. Our aim is to break the destructive, global cycle of anemia among pregnant women and their children through culturally appropriate iron-fortified products.

Jenny Tsai |
Matt Edmundson |

Wander and Trade

Wander&Trade is a marketplace for SMBs too big for Etsy but too small for Amazon. A platform where anyone, from media personalities to moms, can open a store to sell products they love without having to buy, store or ship inventory.


WeDidIt is the crowdfunding platform for nonprofits. We’re a tech start-up in Brooklyn that provides all the tools and resources you need to develop, launch and promote successful crowdfunding campaigns. By harnessing the virality of crowdfunding and leveraging it for those looking to fix the problems they see in the world.

Su Sanni |
Ben Lamson |



BLDG BLOK is your personal guide to the city, providing you with historic photos, news stories, and curated information about the places around you. The searchable database features both open source information and proprietary content from partners, including institutions, organizations, and libraries. This material is easy to navigate and is beautifully displayed, with graphics that look and feel like vintage maps. The app will be available for iOS and Android. The Founders met working for artist Maya Lin in New York City. Dana Karwas teaches digital media at NYU and Liz McEnaney teaches historic preservation at Columbia.

Dana Karwas |
Liz McEnaney


There's a game in everything. Clambake is a platform that turns everyday social interactions into fun competitions. Together, friends challenge each other with creative games like scavenger hunts or captions contests. Players in the game collectively vote on the best moves and the clear winner emerges. Life is a game, and it's more fun when you play it on Clambake.  

Kyle Truscott |
Brendan Truscott |


iBillionaire was originally conceived as a mobile application to track the portfolios of the world’s top billionaire investors. iBillionaire leverages technology in order to democratize information that has, historically, been available only to investment professionals and financial firms.

iBillionaire has developed the iBillionaire Index (BILLION), which is distributed by the NYSE. The iBillionaire Index (BILLION) is designed to track and measure the performance those who have, over time, reaped the biggest rewards on Wall Street: financial billionaires. The index monitors the portfolios of leading billionaire investors, such as Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn, Daniel Loeb, David Tepper and David Einhorn. Novice and experienced investors alike can track iBillionaire to compare their portfolios against a highly-competitive index. Financial advisors may also use the index to compare their large-cap strategies, gauging the overall quality of their allocations based on a quantifiable, reliable source. 

Raul Moreno |

Kipin Hall

Kipinhall is an academic collaboration and networking platform that connects students through their class roster. Students can connect with their fellow classmates, trade books & notes, store and share research, discuss anything- assignments, notes, study tips. Its like Facebook for your school/academic life.

Mana Health

At Mana Health, we believe data can save lives. We use data-driven decision processing to make medicine work better, for patients and those who provide care.

Our first product is an award-winning patient portal that lets people easily understand and use their health data. We started with a vibrant design that we thought was awesome, then added features that made the portal useful for all of your needs.

For clinicians, we want to help you do your jobs faster with tools that help you make sense of all the available data that surrounds each patient. We have designed a patent-pending technology that will give physicians and other care providers fast insights based on our analytics engine. We want to help doctors solve problems faster.

Chris Bradley | CEO |


Connecting people, businesses & places. We trigger mobile storefronts in real-time when people arrive at business, venues & events.  We're the easy way to deliver relevant mobile content to people during their visit to any location. Formerly known as ZenPlaya.

Kieth Fiore |



Stereogrid makes it easy for artists to send music directly to influential music websites and press. Get started now by sending a new release to our network and your press list. If you’re a music website, blogger or member of the press, join the Stereogrid Network to begin receiving new music.

Andrew Zarick | CEO



TENDIGI is a mobile development firm based out of DUMBO in Brooklyn, NY that was founded by former Apple Inc. engineer Jeff Soto. Our talented team works closely with businesses, agencies, and individuals on a variety of mobile development projects ranging from consumer facing apps to internal enterprise apps. TENDIGI is also the creator of the Brooklyn iOS Developer meetup which currently has around 600+ iOS developer and community members.

Jeff Soto | Founder


Docracy is a home for free legal documents, provided and curated by the communities that use them. Through free e-signing, usage statistics and collaborative editing a community can converge towards standards that will benefit everyone. We hope to remove the fear and expense from reasonable parties coming to an agreement.

Matt Hall |
John Watkinson |


A mobile application that will allow you to communicate using multiple personas, or choose from pre-produced characters created by other users, and easily send great video messages. You can create your own personal messages using visual expression. You can share, re-publish, quote, but also re-mix all video content you find and take in.

Martin Lenclos |

Funding Community

Funding Community is a crowdfunding platform for small business loans. Individuals make loans to support small businesses in their community and are repaid principal and interest every month. These supporters also receive "rewards" like store discounts from the borrowers they have supported

Alex Binkley |
Aryeh Goldsmith |


EchoLocation - Echo is a real-time platform for location based discovery and communication. When you open the echo app it automatically detects your location hierarchically from neighborhood that you are in all the way down to the venue or event you are attending, and provides you with the most recent updates from other echo users, news outlets, and businesses in the same location. It's the easiest and most simple way to connect with your location and others in the same place at the same time.

Brian Donahue |


workZeit helps companies make better, more well informed hiring decisions by bringing transparency to recruiting. We're mapping the culture fit landscape of companies and individuals to transform recruiting into a more efficient, enjoyable and navigable process.
Kelsey Conophy | CEO |
Julian Diaz | CTO |

Vengo Labs

VengoLabs - The high-tech vending machine everywhere you need it. Formerly known as TaxiTreats - The high-tech vending machine for your taxi

Brian Shimmerlick |