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We’re looking for entrepreneurs who can benefit from being part of our incubator program. If we can positively impact the success of your venture through our program through access to our faculty expertise, our student talent, and our reach into local and global networks, we welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Your completed profile helps us understand your potential and where you are with your startup. If we have openings and your profile is a good fit, we'll call you in to present to our team. A decision to accept you into the program will be made after an in-person pitch, and in consultation with the incubator advisory board. We're looking for high-potential, high-growth tech startups that will create jobs, wealth, and new products and services in NYC while leveraging the strength of the existing startup community in the incubator. Once you complete your profile, expect confirmation and outreach from one of our team within two week. If you have any questions, contact Steven Kuyan at

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