Officers & International Board of Directors

The Alumni Association is governed by an International Board of Directors consisting of 15 directors, plus the President of the Alumni Association who serves as chair of the board.

Directors have been vetted by the PIAA Nominating Committee, then elected to three-year terms by Polytechnic alumni at Annual Meetings of the PIAA ,and are intended to represent the global and other demographic characteristics of the alumni.

Executive Board Members (Officers) (two-year term)

Effective through June 30, 2018

Gerald Dawes ‘84EE ‘89EE, President

Mr. Gerald Dawes is currently a Director in the Business Ethics and Compliance Department (BEC) at Con Edison Company of New York. In this position, he is responsible for promoting ethics standards and guiding compliance with applicable laws. Previously, he served as a Director in Con Edison’s Construction department, where he managed all aspects of the company’s relationship with the New York City and New York State Department of Transportation – NYCDOT and NYSDOT respectively, and he also managed the Construction Contracts Administration, Computer Applications, and Technical Review departments.

Mr. Dawes has also held the position of Con Edison Executive on-loan with the American Gas Association (AGA), where he worked with the Operations and Engineering staff of the AGA on a wide range of federal and regional natural gas related initiatives. He also held various positions of increasing responsibility, including General Manager of the Queens Gas Operations department - where he was responsible for directing the operation and maintenance of the company’s natural gas distribution system in the borough of Queens, and other positions with the Corporate Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) department; the Distribution Engineering department; the Customer Service, Energy Management, Electric Operations and Electric Planning departments. He also served as an Assistant to the Chairman of Con Edison.

Throughout his professional career, Mr. Dawes has been recognized by various organizations for his outstanding company and community work. For example, he has been the recipient of Con Edison’s highest honor – the “Living Our Values” (LOV) award; and he has also received the Con Edison/YMCA “Black Achiever of the Year” award. He is an active member of the New York chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE – NYMAC) where he previously served as President and currently serves a member of the Executive Board. He also served as a member of the National Board of Directors for AABE (where he chaired the National Scholarship Committee).

He is a Trustee with New York University - Tandon School of Engineering (NYU-Poly), and is the current President of the Polytechnic Alumni Association (PIAA). He supports NYU-Poly in several ways including: mentor for several students, corporate recruiter, guest lecturer, and is actively involved with several projects aimed at increasing research funding for NYU-Poly such as street work coordination in New York City and natural gas leak detection and mitigation.

Mr. Dawes holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York and has attended advanced professional programs offered by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), General Electric (GE), Power Technologies Incorporated (PTI), and the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. He has also participated as a volunteer with the National Urban League’s Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) and, performs community service work with New York City FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).

Josiane Arbouet ’96JRN, Immediate Past President

Josiane Arbouet is a Strategic Planning & Technology Development professional with a passion for innovation in real time and fast changing environments. Josiane’s multi-disciplinary background in strategic planning; strategic marketing, due diligence; project financing; new product planning & development and technology development enables her to manage market research, innovation and product launch projects across industries including capital markets, cleantech, green technologies and entertainment. Today, as a Senior Independent Consultant, Josiane applies her innovation AND change management experience to enable private companies, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations navigate the shifting landscape of the new economy while developing local markets for sustainable growth.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Josiane is an Advisory Board member of Innovative Energy Solution, an energy technology development company with DoD and DOE funded research and a patent on Hydrogen technology. In the past, Josiane was an Executive Management Trainee at National Grid (formerly Brooklyn Union Gas), an Engineer, Lead Engineer, Senior Engineer and then Director of New Product Development at a subsidiary of the New York Stock Exchange & Depository Trust Corporation where her expertise in information systems engineering and commitment to high-performance team building enabled her to excel in a complex capital markets environment that required nothing short of 99.999% systems reliability at all times.

Among her volunteering commitments, Josiane is a board member of the New York University Alumni Association (NYUAA) and Co-Chair of the NYUAA benefits and services committee serving over 450,000 alumni. Josiane also serves in an Officer capacity as Immediate Past President of the Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association (PIAA) at the NYU School of Engineering (NYU Poly).

Josiane graduated from NYU Poly (formerly Polytechnic University) in ’96 where she studied journalism and technical writing and computer engineering at the Bachelors level and in ‘99 earned an Executive Masters of Science Degree in Information Systems Engineering. During her time at Poly, Josiane was the Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper ‘The Reporter’, a recipient of the Raytheon Academic Achievement Award, a Promise Scholar, and won an image processing research grant from the National Science Foundation. After graduation from Poly, Josiane served on the Poly Promise Fund Board.

Janis Peck Paradiso '03CE, Executive Vice President

Janis Peck Paradiso, M.B.A., has worked in the academic technology transfer/commercialization/business development area since completing her Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in 2003. Most recently she serves as Assistant Director in the Office of Business Development at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In this role,

she is responsible for the office's internal marketing and branding initiatives, manages the Technology Transfer Intern Program and participates in the marketing, negotiation and licensing of its technologies.

Before joining Einstein, Janis worked in the Technology Transfer Office at the Research Foundation of the State University of New York (SUNY) for more than four years. In that position, she managed the Downstate Medical Center’s intellectual property portfolio, as well as other technologies from additional SUNY campuses; led licensing negotiations; and participated in marketing activities. While working at the Research Foundation, Janis received her M.B.A. from the University at Albany, SUNY.

Janis began her involvement in alumni activities while studying at Poly. During this time, she worked as a Phonathon employee for the Alumni Relations and Development department. Her other roles at Poly while a student included serving as a Peer Counselor (and Peer Counselor Administrator) through the Student Development Office, a Student Ambassador for University Admissions, and executive board roles in Poly’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Habitat for Humanity chapters. Since graduation, Janis has participating in Alumni initiatives, including speaking at a Poly-Society of Women Engineer (SWE) event, and serving on the Outstanding Graduate Award Committee and having a previous role in International Board of Directors.

Neil Weiser ‘73EE, Vice President

Neil Weiser is a former software engineer and project manager who now focuses on investments. In his thirty-plus year technology career, Neil has worked at Silicon Valley tech companies (Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, ROLM Telecommunications, Excite@Home), and in the papermaking/packaging industry (Continental Can, Weyerhaeuser).

Starting out in the early days of minicomputer-based distributed processing, Neil developed and supported custom business software that automated previously manual processes at paper mills and converting plants making industrial packaging products throughout the US. In the 1980’s, Neil managed a development team designing early-generation “addressable” systems and software to remotely control set-top cable-TV boxes. Every major cable and satellite provider uses current generations of that same technology.

Neil also managed the buildout of the @Home broadband network (now part of Comcast) in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest states, which at the time was the pioneer in developing always-on, high-speed Internet connectivity to cable TV subscribers. Tens of millions of Internet users today can trace their broadband service back to that “dot-com era” infrastructure buildout that Neil and his colleagues spearheaded.

Since joining the PIAA International Board of Directors in 2007, Neil has chaired the Audit Committee, and now chairs the Bylaws Committee. He has also participated in the team that evaluated affinity credit card providers and negotiated to bring the UMB Visa card program to alumni. He also is the sole PIAA director residing on the West Coast (near San Francisco and Silicon Valley), where he has been involved in the Northern California alumni chapter for over 20 years, and brings an alternate geographical perspective to the issues that come before the PIAA leadership. He also brings a slightly warped sense of humor to the otherwise-serious deliberations of the PIAA.

Eric Levenstein ’06CE ’08TC ’10MBA, Secretary

Eric Levenstein is a Computer Engineer for the Department of Defense and performs both technical and business activities. He actively uses the knowledge and skills he learned at Poly as both a student and member of multiple clubs and committees. He continues to be involved in Poly events. Eric has previously served as the PIAA's Secretary.

Cheryl McNear ’92HU, Treasurer

Ms. McNear has over 38 years experience as a professional in higher education student affairs. She devoted 28 of those years working with Poly students. Her primary concern has always been the education of the whole person through academic and extracurricular activities. Having expertise in student leadership development, Ms. McNear recognizes the importance of alumni interaction to help students gain a realistic perspective of the world of work. Her goal is to encourage more Polytechnic alumni to actively participate in the growth and development of students--the future NYU-Poly alumni into whose hands the world will be entrusted.

Ms. McNear retired from the position of Associate Dean of Student Affairs at NYU-Poly in June 2011. As a result, she finally found the time to pursue her desire to work with H&R Block. As a tax professional, she is especially interested in educating those who are new to the workforce, as well as those who are leaving it, about their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers.

International Board of Directors

Jose Garcia,'09CE '09OB International Board of Directors (term ending 2016)

Jose Garcia was one of the masses of people who believed the myth that graduating from college would lead to a life of abundant opportunity. In the middle of the pursuit, he discovered the story is not that simple. Jose vows to find a way to restore the lost promise. On the journey, Jose is collecting friends, founded a profession called Human Resource Engineering (HR Engineer), investigated professional associations like Toastmasters and discovered many role models. Jose seeks to push beyond his limits to achieve his professional goal of becoming a Super Executive, a corporate decision maker who holds positions in 2 or more distinct divisions or companies with love overlap; and achieve the impact of a Mega-Leader, a decision maker who decisions affect industries.
Jose hopes are to combine these powers to disrupt the world of higher education so that future college students do not have to suffer the effects of not learning the fine print of college education. Will Jose achieve the resourcefulness and dexterity of Sir Richard Branson and the innovative spirit and impact of Jack Welsh, but in Higher Education? Jose’s response is “Only God knows, but if my fellow friends join me in my quest, I am much more likely to succeed!” It’s amazing what a group of people united by a cause can accomplish.

Charles J. Hinkaty ’70 ’72MA, International Board of Directors (term ending 2016)

Charles J. Hinkaty has retired as President and CEO of Del Laboratories Inc. (DLI), a manufacturer of a variety of cosmetics, beauty products and pharmaceuticals. DLI Holding Corp. (an affiliate of Kelso & Company) acquired the firm in January 2005. Mr. Hinkaty presently serves as a board director for Sterling InfoSystems, Inc., W.F. Young, Inc., Lornamead, Ltd., Prestige Brands Holdings and Physicians Formula Holdings, Inc. Prior to Del Labs, Mr. Hinkaty was Vice President at Citibank and Director of Marketing for Bristol Myers. He began his career at Procter and Gamble. He has also served as Polytechnic Alumni Association President, as well as Chairman of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, the trade association representing the OTC pharmaceutical industry. He received both his B.S. and M.S. in math from Polytechnic University in 1970 and 1972 respectively. He and his wife Kathy live in Lloyd Harbor, New York and have four children and four grandchildren.

Frank Namad ’68ME, International Board of Directors (term ending 2016)

As a young immigrant to the US and part of the strong diversity tradition of NYU-Poly I am grateful for the solid education I was able to get at NYU-Poly’s evening school. I have been active in Alumni Affairs since graduation and have been passionately involved in many of the significant changes Poly went through in the past 45 years. My career combined engineering and finance. I did economic research at the United Nations, worked at a major engineering design/construction firm, was an investment banker on Wall Street, ran an investment casting foundry manufacturing aircraft parts, owned a cabinet manufacturing company, and currently own Fontana International Corp. which represents technology companies in the tri-state area.

I am very excited by the positive atmosphere that has surrounded the merger with NYU and would like to contribute to the celebration of its unique diversity and promote its technological recognition in these challenging times. Frank previously served as a member of the PIAA's Executive Council.

Edward Sawchuk ’76CE, International Board of Directors (term ending 2016)

Edward Sawchuk received two degrees at Polytechnic – his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering ’76 and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering ’78. He became a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New York in 1983, and went on to earn a law degree from Brooklyn Law School (JD ’85).

David Sobin ’72EE&CS, International Board of Directors (term ending 2016)

A 24-year AT&T/Lucent Executive, Mr. David L. Sobin led the team which created the first DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) product in the early 1980's and deployed it nationwide. He left AT&T/Lucent in 1996 to found his own DSL company, which was subsequently sold for approximately $50M in 1998. Mr. Sobin holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York.

Walter Alvarado ’90ME ’97CS International Board of Directors (term ending 2017)

Walter Alvarado is currently the General Manager for Manhattan Electric Construction. His team plans, directs, and controls the construction and maintenance of Manhattan’s electric distribution system in a safe and efficient manner. Mr. Alvarado also directs restoration efforts during system emergencies; he served as Incident Commander and was responsible for the restoration of power to lower Manhattan after Super Storm Sandy in 2012. He’s held positions of increasing responsibility within Con Edison including: Chief District Operator and Associate Chief District Operator in System Operations; Section Manager of electric training in Human Resources; Section Manager of environmental operations in Brooklyn Queens Electric.

Mr. Alvarado holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Science from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. He has attended advanced executive management training from Columbia Business School as well as advanced professional programs offered by Gas Technology Institute and Power Technologies Incorporated.

John A. Artise ’70HU International Board of Directors (term ending 2017)

John Artise is the founder of The Leader’s Strategist and has spent more than thirty years in the field of Human Capital Management. He specializes in authentic Leadership Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, and Executive Search. Having worked with scores of Trusted Advisors, Business Analysts, and C-suite executives, John has been a proactive agent in both their business and professional growth.

He is the originator of Executive Guidance, a stronger more effective approach to leadership coaching. As the creator of the Human Capital Investment Tracking System and the Leadership Performance Inquiry Inventory, John has always focused heavily on the advanced measurability of the ROI in hiring, assessing, and accurately deploying multi-skilled practice leaders in any discipline. One of his fortes is assisting senior executives to negotiate and execute their leader roles in obtaining performance results through the complementation of applied EQ and AQ in alignment with the appropriate management technologies.

John’s work with attorneys has been exemplary. As a Coach/Mentor and Trusted Advisor, he has improved their operating efficiencies by helping them to exercise greater influence on organizational change in both law firms and corporate legal departments. As a result of these efforts, he created the popular, high-impact learning session, “From Lawyer To Leader”, a career change catalyst for attorneys. His work with physicians and other healthcare professionals prompted him to create the well-attended, self-leadership program, “From Medicine To Management”, a clear pathway to alternative roles in the field of Healthcare.

Some of John’s authored works are: “Hiring With Confidence”, “When Can You Start?- How To Get The Interview, How To Get The Job”, “How To Make Training Work”, “The Twelve Major Reasons Why Leaders Fail”, “Leadership Through Team Work”, and “The Two Greatest Quotes On Great Leadership.” As a sought-after thought leader, John is a strong proponent of the hiring knowledge mandate which creates the platform for organizations to hire the right talent for the right positions at the right time. It is the main theme of his popular seminar, “It’s All About Selection.”

He has often been quoted in the New York Times (Business Section), the Wall Street Journal, Crains New York Business, and Business Week and has appeared on many radio and television news broadcasts.

Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, and Russian, John coaches international executives in acculturating to US multinational business environments. He also has a working knowledge of the business cultures of thirty countries.

He has a Master of Arts Degree from New York University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Polytechnic Institute of NY. He teaches graduate classes in Global Human Resources, Strategic HCM Applications Of Knowledge-based Enterprise, and Coaching In Organizations at NYU-Tandon School of Engineering and is a member of the professional association, World Class Speakers.

John has worked for several HCM firms such as Drake Beam Morin, Inc., Partners In Human Resources International, The Ayers Group, McGill Parry Ltd., Sands Wentworth, Ltd., Burns & Lawe, Pty., and Right Management. He is also a Visiting Lecturer on Japanese-American Management Systems and Acculturation at the University of Hawaii and the Japanese-American Institute of Management Science (Oahu).

John has a strong linkage to the culinary world and serves as a Culinary Finals Juror for the International Culinary Center in New York City and is a lecturer on The Art Of Taste at the Institute of Culinary Education.

B. Jenny Chon '86EE International Board of Directors (term ending 2017)

B. Jenny Chon is a consulting actuary with CSB Associates, Inc. Jenny is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, a member of the American Academy of Actuaries, and also an Enrolled Actuary. Jenny has over 20 years of experience in actuarial consulting for retirement benefit plans with consulting firms including The Wyatt Company and Mercer as well as with insurance companies, MassMutual and Samsung Life.

Jenny led and managed consulting services, primarily to defined benefit plan sponsors, with respect to plan design, funding, accounting, government reporting, and administration. Jenny supervised the preparation of individual benefit calculations, annual actuarial valuations and government reporting that included interpretation of plan provisions, regulations, and standards; review of actuarial assumptions, reconciliation of census and financial data, funding and accounting valuation results and reports, and cash flow analysis; and delivery of client communications.

In 2006 to 2008, Jenny was abroad at Samsung Life Insurance located in Seoul, Korea. Jenny served as an advisory general manager and actuary leading the newly formed Corporate Pension Consulting unit. She trained pension professionals and actuaries on technical as well non-technical aspects of retirement benefits consulting services that included plan design, funding, accounting (IAS 19), administration, and communication. She also reviewed actuarial valuations, and funding and accounting reports. Additionally, she led the responses to proposals for consulting services and education requests about local retirement benefits for foreign-affiliated companies operating in South Korea, bridging cultural and informational gaps between local and regional offices or headquarters.

Brian Gill ‘11CE International Board of Directors (term ending 2017)

Brian Gill joined the NYC Department of Transportation in 2006 as the Engineer-in-Charge administering the $1 billion reconstruction program for the Manhattan Bridge and was responsible for overseeing all reconstruction activities for replacement of the Lower Roadway, suspender replacement and rewrapping of the main cables. Prior to joining the NYCDOT, he had worked as a consultant for 20 years on design, construction and condition inspection of major bridge, highway and building projects which included numerous long span bridges throughout the tri-state region.

Mr. Gill received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine in 1986, a Master of Science in Construction Management from NYU-Tandon School of Engineering in 2011 to further advance goals in efficient use of public funds and improving product quality. He holds Professional Engineering licenses in 4 states including California (with seismic principals) and is a licensed Land Surveyor.

Brian is immediate past President of the Municipal Engineers of the City of New York, is currently an Executive Council Member for Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association, on the Board for 2 other non-profit societies, mentors students at NYU-Tandon School of Engineering and for the Brooklyn Technical High School senior design projects. Mr. Gill looks forward to continuing his service for the PIAA as an International Board of Director in the exchange of ideas and implementing actions to strengthen our relation with NYU students, alumni and the global engineering community.

Nikolai Wolfe ’09CE International Board of Directors (term ending 2017)

Currently serving as Executive Council Member for the PIAA, Nikolai Wolfe is excited to extend his commitment to serving his fellow alumni and the interests of the university by joining the International Board of Directors. As a recent alumnus, Nikolai understands the importance of connecting the diverse and dynamic community of NYU-Poly graduates who share a passion for moving the legacy of their alma mater forward. As a member of the Board of Directors, Nikolai will help ensure the PIAA increasingly remains that nexus.

Nikolai holds both a B.Sc. Civil Engineering in 2009 and a M.Sc. Civil Engineering: Urban Systems Engineering & Management in 2011. For Nikolai, the Tandon School of Engineering represents more than a pioneering research university. It is a cradle of innovation whose holistic approach to learning and demonstrated dedication to student development prepared him to successfully meet the challenges of an ever-evolving social and professional landscape.
During his undergraduate tenure, Nikolai played a central role in helping transform the culture of student activities on campus. Along with being a Senior Peer Counselor and Orientation Leader, Nikolai served three consecutive terms as President of the Programming Advisory Board. His continued involvement afforded Nikolai unique insight into the operations of multiple university departments and organizations. This perspective increased Nikolai’s sensitivity to the needs of the Poly community and allowed him to foster lasting relationships with its members. Nikolai continues his involvement in student activities as a mentor to new student leaders. As a graduate student, Nikolai benefited greatly from working with his international student peers and looks forward to expanded opportunities with this new role.

Upon graduation, Nikolai became a Management Associate in Con Edison’s rigorous and highly selective eighteen-month leadership development program. Nikolai has since graduated the program and is now an Operating Supervisor for Manhattan Electric Construction, where he oversees the execution of maintenance and resilience programs, as well as emergency response initiatives for Manhattan’s underground electric infrastructure. Nikolai remains committed to community service and spends most weekends dedicating time to service in Con Edison’s Volunteer Corps.

Nikolai has most recently be selected to participate Sieman’s 2014 Distribution System Engineering Program, a 16-month accredited training program where he will earn a Certificate in Distribution System Engineering. Nikolai also is preparing to sit the Professional Engineer Exam for the State of New York.

Philippe Adam '92AE International Board of Directors (term ending 2018)

Dr. Philippe Adam is an all-around senior strategy, business development and investment professional with 20+ years of global experience in technology and business, and with a track record of sourcing new investment opportunities, launching new business and helping companies grow. He has worked and consulted for a number of research labs, companies and firms including Caltech/NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab,

AlliedSignal/Honeywell, Houlihan Lokey, Avery Dennison, and Beckman Coulter. His experience also spans a variety of industries ranging from Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Cleantech and Healthcare/Medical Devices to Software, Wireless/RFID, Consumer Products/Electronics and Retail.

Dr. Adam is a currently Director of Business Analytics at Abbott Medical Optics, a division of Abbott Laboratories and leader in ophthalmology. He is also a Founder and General Partner of The Athenaeum Fund IV as well as a Special Limited Partner in the Athenaeum Fund III. He serves as an advisor to Maximillian Gallery, a start-up exploring new business models to monetize emerging art IP, and to Advanced TeleSensors, a start-up from Caltech/JPL commercializing a contactless vitals monitoring technology for consumer and health/medical applications.

Dr. Adam holds undegraduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, NY and he received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. He also holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael Kokkalakis '92AE International Board of Directors (term ending 2018)

Michael Kokkalakis is currently Principal Chief Engineer with SiriusXM Satellite Radio. He has over 22 years’ experience in satellite and engineering operations. Mike would like to see more alumni in touch and involved with the school throughout their professional careers. Polytechnic University plays a key role in the engineering community in the NY region and he sees the Alumni Association as the center of that community.

Upon graduating from Polytechnic University, Mike spent five years with Lockheed Martin on the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) program. He helped established the satellite operations group at WorldSpace which launched the world’s first satellite radio service in 1998. For fourteen years at SiriusXM, Mike has been a key member of the space systems group that procured, launched and operated the fleet of satellites from the start of satellite radio in North America. Mike also holds an MS in Applied Physics from John Hopkins and a MS in Technology Management from Columbia University.

Nathan Rubin '14OB International Board of Directors (term ending 2018)

Nathan received his M.S in Organizational Behavior from NYU Tandon School of Engineering in May of 2014 after matriculating from Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN where he received his B.A. in Psychology (Class of 2012) and played four years of varsity baseball. Following a short contract position after graduation on-site at Goldman Sachs within their Learning and Development division (Goldman Sachs University), Nathan is now a Talent Management Analyst on the Executive Leadership Development Team at A.I.G (American Insurance Group).

Much of his responsibilities focus around designing and implementing A.I.G.’s annual Talent Review Process for their executive population, however he has recently begun to work on Executive Leadership Initiatives for women, and men of color.
Nathan credits much of his recent success to the excellent faculty and close-knit alumni family of NYU Tandon. He found that the alumni community was always willing to provide career advice and guidance, and refer him to a new professional connection. He hopes to be able to start to give back to the NYU Tandon community through his increased involvement with the PIAA in the upcoming months and years.

While at NYU Tandon, Nathan was the President of PolySHRM (The on-campus student chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management) and he graduated with three concentrations: Management of Change, Training & Development, and Human Capital Engineering & Analytics. He can be reached via email at or onnkedIn at

James Taylor '75 Heights International Board of Directors (term ending 2018)

James A. Taylor has been employed at the IEEE since 1978. His current title is Lead Business Database Analyst II. His previous title was Manager of Information Processing.

In these role he was responsible for the development of IEEE's legacy Conference Database System and is currently a member of the development team for the IEEE Conference Exchange.
He has experience as a Database Developer, Database Administrator, and Systems Programmer. He received a B.A. in Biology in 1971, and a M.S in Engineering in 1975 both from NYU.
He has two Certifications. One as a Association Executive (CAE), and the other as a Scrum Master (CSM). He is Life Senior Member of IEEE, and a Member of ACM.
He is an active alumni having served on the NYU Alumni Association Board and currently the NYU College of Arts and Science Alumni Board.

Howard Xia '86 '88 MSPHY International Board of Directors (term ending 2018)

Since he received his post graduate degrees from New York University Tandon School of Engineering (then Polytechnic University), Howard has been playing the roles of an engineer, a Corporate planner and a Corporate Executive for a few largest global Telecom operators over the last 25 years.

Howard joined the then most promising mobile industry through Pacific Telesis, and subsequently its spin-off AirTouch, even four months before he officially received his Ph.D. from Poly in January 1991. As an engineer with RF expertise, Howard had chances to participate in a few key events in the industry which include the analog to digital transition in the US, 2G deployment in Europe and Asia, and 2G and 3G standard setting. Some of his works over this period have been published in a few highly influential papers which include the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society's 1993 Neal Shepherd Award best paper.

After the Vodafone and AirTouch merger in 1999, Howard became a Director of the Vodafone Group Technology Strategy engaged in 3G strategy and planning, and the integration of the technology functions.

Howard was assigned to set up Vodafone’s presence in China in 2001 and had since managed its China operation and its strategic investment/divestment in China Mobile and the strategic partnership with China Mobile until 2014. He is fortunately to have a chance to witness and participate in the China’s explosive growth of mobile users to more than one billion, and even more exciting the rapid smart-phone penetration recently.
As part of the China job, Howard, together with the Vodafone appointed Non-Executive Director, attended the China Mobile Limited (CML) Board meetings as a non-voting member until the divestment happened in 2010. Howard had also sat on the Board of ASPire, a mobile Internet Joint Venture between China Mobile/Vodafone/Merrill Lynch/HP, from 2005 to 2014.

In April 2011, Howard joined the II-VI Incorporated Board as a Non-Executive Director and most recently chairs its Subsidiaries Committee. II-VI Inc., a NASDA listed company, is a vertically-integrated manufacturing company that creates and markets products for diversified markets including industrial manufacturing, military and aerospace, high-power electronics and telecommunications, and thermoelectronics applications.

Howard moved back to the US from China last November and plans to split his time evenly between his home in the East Coast (Boston) and the West Coast (San Francisco). Going forward, Howard is exploring ways to do things which are beneficial to his Alma Mater. Howard believes that his cross western/eastern cultures background and the cross management/engineering experience plus the listed company Board practice would allow him to contribute and add values to Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association Board especially at the time NYU is becoming more and more global.