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For some, it's a chance to share their Polytechnic experience with a prospective student. For others, it's an opportunity to help shape the future of the Alumni Association. Whatever your individual reasons, take the opportunity now to engage in meaningful ways with the School of Engineering community.

When you volunteer your time and talents to the Alumni Association or any of the following programs, you become part of a very special group. Nothing speaks more highly for a university than successful alumni who enthusiastically serve and support it. Whether you help recruit students, speak to a class of Polytechnic students, lead an alumni chapter or serve as an alumni career mentor, you'll walk away with a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that you truly make a difference in the lives of Polytechnic alumni and students.

As an alumni volunteer, you can give of yourself however and whenever you choose. Many programs and commitment levels are available. So choose the opportunity that's right for you and make your mark on the future of the School of Engineering today!

Mentoring Students. Guiding Futures. Your Time Needed.
Help members of the STUDENT Alumni Association Succeed.

When you were a student at Poly, did you ever wonder what your life would be like after graduation? Did you ever wonder if you were making the right choice studying the major you did? Did you ever wish you had more opportunities to talk to Poly alumni who were experts in the field you wanted to work in? These are just a few of the career-related questions many of our current students at the School of Engineering have.

The Office of Alumni Relations needs your help to answer these questions for our students. After all, who knows better what it feels like to be a student attending Poly than you? Help us help our Poly students set realistic goals for their future and stay on the best career track to meet those goals.

We’re asking you to volunteer your time, not much time, but a little. The School of Engineering students who have joined the Student Alumni Association (SAA) are looking to you, an alum of Poly, to help them build career contacts and network with professionals who have worked or are working in the field of study they have chosen.

We need your knowledge. We need your time. We need your help to succeed in this endeavor. If you’re interested, and I hope you are, please contact Rena Rutkovsky, Alumni Relations Officer at

The Wasserman Center for Career Development at the School of Engineering

Mentor Network

The Wasserman Center for Career Development Mentor Network links the School of Engineering & NYU alumni and professionals with current students exploring careers in a variety of fields. The School of Engineering alumni have the opportunity to share career insights and provide industry-specific information and guidance to enhance a current student's career exploration. The Wasserman Center for Career Development at the School of Engineering is helping build meaningful relationships and interactions between Poly students and alumni. Our hope is that alumni find guiding the School of Engineering students a very rewarding activity, and that students return someday to become mentors. Click here to get started.

We hope you will join us at our next event!

Alumni Groups

Start, revive, or join an alumni chapter and you'll have the chance to build lifelong friendships, enrich your career and have fun. Our goal is to create geographic, cultural and special interest groups that provide opportunities for networking, professional development and entertainment through educational, cultural, social and family programs. Bring the School of Engineering into your local area by becoming a group leader or joining a group in your area.

Currently, the following Poly Alumni Groups exist:

  • Korea Chapter
  • Taiwan Chapter
  • Houston-area Chapter
  • Denver-area Chapter
  • Long Island Chapter **Leader Needed
  • Southeast Florida Chapter
  • Boston "Beanpot" Chapter
  • Washington D.C. Chapter **Leader Needed

For more information on joining or starting an the School of Engineering alumni chapter fill out this form.

Collaboration Opportunities

The Wasserman Center for Career Development at the School of Engineering presents a number of opportunities for alumni to connect with current students and, if you are interested, recruit them for job and internship openings. Collaboration opportunities include:

  • Conducting practice interviews with students
  • Hosting students on a meaningful site visit at your current place of business
  • Participating in a “Recruiter-in-Residence” event and meet with students one-on-one to answer their industry and career-related questions
  • Presenting or speaking on a Career Panel with fellow alumni and organizations to share valuable insights on your chosen career path

To get started, contact the Wasserman Center for Career Development at the School of Engineering at

Alumni Spotlight

The Office of Alumni Relations wants to recognize the exciting and innovative things our alumni are doing, here in New York City and around the world. Please take a few moments to complete this short questionnaire about your Polytechnic experience, favorite memories, greatest accomplishments, and current endeavors.

PIAA International Board of Directors

As the Alumni Association's governing body, the International Board of Director is comprised of alumni whose demonstrated service and leadership display a strong understanding and commitment to the mission of the Alumni Association and the advancement of the School of Engineering. The PIAA is always seeking alumni who wish to be involved on committees or special projects, so email us at if you are interested.

Nominations for potential candidates for any office of Directorship on the PIAA are accepted on a rolling basis. Nominations submitted on or before December 22 will be considered by the Nominating Committee for the next upcoming election. Those submitted after December 22 will be considered for the following year. All nominations must be made in writing to or to the Office of Alumni Relations, and must clearly delineate the nominees qualifications.

Student Programs

Build relationships with current students to help ensure a strong, active alumni constituency for the future. Alumni assist with programs that enhance the student experience while, at the same time, raise their awareness of the Alumni Association. Alumni volunteers speak at networking events hosted by the Student Alumni Association, student leadership events, and other key programs on campus. We are also interested in facilitating guest lectures by Polytechnic alumni. For more information, contact Valerie Cabral at

Additional Opportunities

Additional volunteer opportunities will be developed as our volunteer base expands. If you have an idea for a program that you would like to help start, please contact Valerie Cabral, Director of Alumni Relations, at 646.997.3982 or