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Why the School of Engineering?

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Are you ready for a virtual trip to Mars? How about a microscopic journey through human blood vessels?

Just follow the simple steps below and watch your vision become your future at Tandon!

  1. Assemble your new cardboard headset by lining up slots
  2. Download and open Tandon Vision and Tandon Research Lab from the App Store or Google Play Store (links below)
  3. Plug in your headphones
  4. Place your phone inside your headset and close the back of the headset
    • Use a rubber band if your phone still moves around
  5. Align the screen to the lenses by moving your phone around inside the headset
  6. The button for interacting with Tandon Vision and Tandon Research Lab is on the top-right on the headset
  7. Sit or stand where you can turn around and enjoy

Tandon Research Lab

Download for iOS   Download for Android

Tandon Vision – Mars

Download for iOS   Download for Android

Tandon School of Engineering in numbers

15:1 ratio of students to faculty

40 states

represented in our student body

53 countries

2344 undergraduate students

$110,000 mid-career Salary

13th all 4 year colleges in median starting salaries and mid-career salaries for its graduates with bachelor’s degree

92.6% post-graduation job placement rate