NYU-Poly Veterans Affairs Guidelines and Rules to Remember

Satisfactory Academic Progress

The new GI BillAll Graduate students are expected to progress in their studies and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Failure to do so will result in students' placement on academic probation or disqualification. All the scholarships or Grants or any benefits will be withheld until the student achieves a CGPA of 3.0.

Changes in Student Status

All students receiving veterans' benefits are required by law to keep M.C.C. Veterans Services informed of the following: withdrawals, addition of classes, change of degree programs, and address changes.

Break Pay

A Veteran who is continuously enrolled in classes and there is no more than a 30 day break is allowed (Interval Pay), also known as break pay.

Advance Pay

If a Veteran is enrolled at half-time or more and then initially enlists training or reenlist training after an interval of 30 days or more. He/she may elect in writing to be paid in advance for the first initial month fraction thereof in which the term begins. The student will not receive his/her pay until his/her third month of attendance of classes.

Short Term Classes

All Veterans will be paid for the length of the class.

Work Study Program

This program is available to any student receiving veterans education benefits who attends any college three-quarter time or more. The student may work at a college veteran's office, VA Medical Facilities, VA Regional Office or at approved state employment office. Work-study students are paid minimum wage, theses payments are non-taxable.

Tutoring Assistance

If a Veteran needs extra help in a subject the tutorial assistance program can be used. This is for veterans, receiving educational benefits, to aid them in deferring expenses incurred by their need for tutoring. The student must attain a letter from his/her teacher stating what is needed. The supplementary tutoring assistance is paid at the rate of the monthly cost tutoring assistance not to exceed $100.00 per calendar month. The maximum assistance to which a claimant will be eligible is $1,200.00.

Remedial and Deficiency Courses

Courses which are specifically required for pursuit of a post secondary program of education or to overcome deficiency in a particular area of study.

Six-Month Training

Veterans may update knowledge of skills in the Veterans chosen field of employment. Such refresher training may be used:

  • For more than a single course or training
  • For loss of skill that occurred while on active duty
  • To update both preserve skills and skills acquired in service Concurrent


If you are attending more then one school, you are to contact the Veterans Office at each school you attend to have your enrollment certified to the V.A. Your Parent school (the school from which you expect to get your degree or certificate) must confirm to the V.A. that the course/s taken at the supplemental school are appropriate to you degree objective. Also the other school you are attending will have to receive a FL 22- 315 for you to receive your benefits for credits at the other school(s).

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