MS Integrated Digital Media '14

Javier Molina is an engineer, actor, media artist and performer working with interactive installations, performance art and experimental film. Javier’s mission is to explore the relationship of cutting-edge technology and contemporary art. He experiments with his ideas using the Max/MSP and processing programming environments. His work has been featured at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center as well as the DUMBO Arts Festival.


MS Manufacturing Engineering '13

Utilizing his master’s in Manufacturing Engineering, Joe O'Connor founded OCON Energy Consulting working with enterprises such as the Westfield Shopping Centers and Central America based solar company CES. He is also a co-founder of Sollega, a company that manufactures universally compatible solar racking systems.


Ph.D. Materials Chemistry '15

As a Ph.D. student, Graduate Mentoring Fellow and recipient of the Army Research Office Undergraduate School Apprenticeship Program (ARO-URAP), Jasmin Hume designs proteins that will self-assemble into protein fibers that can be used for targeted drug delivery. In the tradition of entrepreneurship, she has also filed for provisional patents as well as launched a startup company that designed an app to help researchers monitor and digitize laboratory data.

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MS Chemical Engineering '13

As a Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering, Ursula Koniges is focusing her research on the development of complicated DNA-based biosensors. Using small pieces of DNA, she is researching ways to detect larger sequences for applications in genetic diagnostic devices. She makes time to learn about other cultures and languages as an NYU "Speaking Freely" member and brings her scientific ideas to fruition by presenting them in the NYU School of Engineering’s Inno/Vention competition.


MS Biomedical Engineering '15

Using electrical engineering as a platform, Giselle Cunningham is developing new ways to innovate and implant biomedical devices. Her goal is to create flexible electronics for medical applications which can help cure prominent afflictions such as epilepsy and breast cancer. When she is not in the lab, Giselle extends her knowledge as an NSF GK-12 Graduate Teaching Fellow to enhance the technological proficiency of teachers while helping students develop robotic devices that will ultimately participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition.


MS Cyber Security '14

An SFS ASPIRE Fellow, Nick Anderson helps organize the renowned CSAW (Cyber Security Awareness Week) competition and curates Hack Night, a 13-week program where fellow NYU students hone their hacking skills to become experts dedicated to protecting sensitive data.


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering '15

Using a combination of code, 3d printed parts and hand craft, Mechanical Engineering doctoral student Jared Frank is pushing the boundaries of robotics by building Caesar (Cellularly Accessible Expressive Semi-Autonomous Robot) who can transmit a person’s voice through smart-movements that mimic physical gestures and animations.

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MS Biomedical Engineering '14

On track to earn his Master’s in Biotechnology, Rudy Jacquet is researching how to unravel the complexity of human biology and improve the biopharmaceutical industry. As a graduate research assistant to Prof. Jin Kim Montclare at the NYU School of Engineering, he focuses his efforts on metal templation of protein based biomaterials for application in electronics and medicine.


Ph.D. Civil Engineering '15

Civil engineering doctoral student Mehdi Omidvar is not afraid to get his hands dirty. As a graduate research assistant, he explores the dynamics of penetration into granular media, using transparent soils. He is studying micro-scale soil-structure interactions during pile installation and is developing methods for mapping kinematics of motion by tracking the movement of individual soil grains. Mehdi published six articles in top journals from his Ph.D. work and collaborated with other graduate students on four more.