The School of Engineering Advantage

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Member of One of the School of Engineering's Distinctive Graduate Programs

Academic Rigor

Pursuing an advanced degree takes a unique combination of dedication, nerve, and fervor for a very specific topic of study or practice. The School of Engineering graduate students embody that unique combination, as do our faculty.


Our graduate programs serve people from all walks of life. Working professionals value the flexibility of our schedules, accessibility of our locations, and the competitive edge an the School of Engineering degree offers.

Research Opportunities, Research Faculty

Some have referred to the surge in research projects and research funding at the School of Engineering as a research renaissance. Central to that renaissance is our educational model of i2e (invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship) which fosters a research community that will contribute to significant advances in areas such as information technology, health and wellness, and urban systems. Take a look at some of the ground-breaking research our faculty is involved with. And learn about our Graduate Student Employment and Training program, which allows you the opportunity to have hands-on research experience while earning income to help pay for your education.

Career Mobility

Our graduate students are highly sought after, and the School of Engineering is a destination for leaders in every industry who regularly visit our campus to recruit new employees. A graduate degree from the School of Engineering is respected throughout the world as a symbol of creative problem-solvers who are imbued with passion and resolve. It is an invaluable tool for putting you in control of your career, able to successfully navigate its course through industry, economic, and other external changes.

Graduate School Viewbook

History Made. History in the Making.

The common quality of our diverse community is a 150-plus-year-old commitment to innovation, which is realized in academic pursuits relevant to real world concerns.

Our graduates and faculty have left indelible marks on the history of technology, science, and engineering — from Eugene Kleiner whose company, Fairchild Semiconductor, set off Silicon Valley’s high-tech boom to Paul Soros whose firm encouraged global trade by engineering ports in 90 countries to Jerome Lemelson, the second most prolific inventor of the 20th century, who held 550 patents.

Today, our master's and doctoral students are forging new ground in some of the most significant areas of biomedical research, sustainable environments, technology management, risk and financial engineering, and a host of other fields that dominate our rapidly changing, technology-centered society.

And now that we are part of NYU’s “Global Network University,” our students can access more resources than ever before.