Private Scholarships

To assist you as you search for private scholarship funds, the School of Engineering has compiled a list of private scholarships, many of which our students have received. Many of them are available to families of all income levels.

Please review the list based on your current student status and determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for the particular scholarship. Once you have determined the scholarship(s) you will apply for, review the application process, note the filing deadline dates, and submit your applications. And if you do receive a scholarship, you will need to contact us (read why).

Additional Resources

Listed below are a number of websites where you can search for additional scholarships. Please note: this is not an exhaustive list, but it is a great start.

Another great place to look is a cultural group you may be part of, your human resource department, your union if you belong to one, or any other organization you’re affiliated with. Also remember to check the Internet regularly as opportunities may arise throughout the year.

Scholarships for Studying Abroad


You must notify the School of Engineering's financial aid office if you receive funds from any outside sources. If you receive a scholarship from an outside organization, we will first apply the amount against your unmet need, then toward self-help awards (by reducing private loans or work-study) and finally by reducing federal aid (affecting federal loans first) so that total financial aid (including the outside scholarship) does not exceed the cost of attendance.